Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 Hogwarts Legacy

You previously spoke with Professor Fig about the locket that had been found during your previous exploration and it turns out someone else is after it.

A clue had pointed you to the Restricted Section in the Library but Professor Fig thinks you are not ready and should learn more.

He has sent you to Professor Hecat to practice your abilities, which later will reward you with a new offensive ability.

How To Get Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2?

You will obtain Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 after you have spoken to Professor Figs during a quest called The Locket’s Secret.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 WalkthroughAvoiding attacks by Dodge rolling

1) Successfully Avoid Enemy Attacks by Dodge Rolling

As part of your training, you will need to learn how to avoid certain attacks and this is because not all attacks can be blocked with Protego.

The good thing about the rolling dodge is it can also be used to avoid attacks that may be blocked with Protego, making it a versatile move in the game.

You will need to dodge 10 enemy attacks to complete this step but if you run out of enemies to fight, you will need to explore outside of Hogwarts.

If you roam the outer parts of the school you may come across other enemies, which will let you complete this step.

2) Cast Incendio on Enemies

This is rather an easy task to complete as all you need to do is hit 5 enemies when casting the Incendio spell.

You may already complete this in the Crossing Wands Round 3 side quest as it becomes available at the same time as this assignment.

Attending Defence Against the Dark Arts Class

3) Attend Defence Against the Dark Arts Class During the Day

Now that all of the tasks have been completed, you will need to return to the school and go to the Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom.

If it is not yet daytime, you can interact with the marked area to wait, which will speed up time and let you continue.

4) Return to Professor Hecat

Once the class has been finished, you will need to head over to Professor Hecat to speak with her, which begins a cutscene.

During the cutscene, you will be prompted to do a minigame, which will allow you to learn Expelliarmus, the Disarming Charm.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 Rewards

Once you have completed Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2, you will earn 150 XP and the Expelliarmus spell will now be available.

This will allow you to disarm enemies, allowing you to freely attack them but the effects may differ depending on the enemy you use it on.

VerdictProfessor Hecat’s Assignment 2 complete

Professor Hecat is eager to make sure you learn everything needed to protect yourself from the dangers of the wizarding world.

With the Expelliarmus spell now available, you can add this to your spell combinations and use it to your advantage.

The more you learn about protecting yourself, the better you become in battle and soon you will be able to rival even the strongest enemies.

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