Hogwarts Legacy The Locket’s Secret Quest

The Locket's Secret quest Hogwarts Legacy

The Locket’s Secret is a short quest that further develops the story in Hogwarts Legacy, where you are set to meet up with Professor Fig.

After you had safely returned from a dangerous encounter in the Welcome To Hogsmeade quest, you received a letter from Professor Fig.

You will need to meet up with him as he mentioned in the letter that he has discovered something, which requires you to go to his classroom.

How To Get The Locket’s Secret?

The Locket’s Secret is obtained once you have read Professor Fig’s letter, which is sent after you return from the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest.

The Locket’s Secret Quest WalkthroughTalking with Professor Fig

Before the quest begins, you will first need to open up the letter that you obtained after returning to your common room following the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest.

Talk To Professor Fig

A waypoint will lead you to where you need to meet Professor Fig and you can follow it or simply fast travel to the closest Floo Flame near it.

Once you arrive, you may be prompted to wait for Professor fig to arrive before you will be able to speak with him.

Talking with Professor Fig about the secrets of Ranrok

You will awaken after a bit only to find that Professor Fig is already at his desk and will need to speak with him to start a cutscene.

During the cutscene, the two of you talk about what happened in Hogsmeade and you reveal the secret behind Ranrok and Rookwood.

Before Professor Fig allows you to continue learning more about the secrets of the locket that you found, he requires that you learn more about defense with Professor Hecat.

The quest ends after the cutscene and you will need to continue after you have done your next assignment, which is given by Professor Hecat.

The Locket’s Secret Rewards

This quick quest does not provide any other rewards other than revealing more about the story and adding a new assignment.

After the cutscene finishes and the quest has ended, Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 will be available for you to begin.

VerdictThe Locket's Secret quest completion

With everything that has been happening, it seems that Professor Fig is happy about you joining him in discovering everything but you are not ready.

It is time for you to hone your skills focusing more on defense this time, which now points you in the direction of Professor Hecat.

Professor Fig wants you to do this assignment before the two of you can move to the more exciting parts of the journey.

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