Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1

Professor Hecat's Assignment 1 Quest Hogwarts Legacy

You previously spoke with Professor Fig about the locket that had been found during your previous exploration and it turns out someone else is after it.

A clue had pointed you to the Restricted Section in the Library but Professor Fig thinks you are not ready and should learn more.

He has sent you to Professor Hecat to practice your abilities, which later will reward you with a new offensive ability.

How To Get Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1?

You will obtain Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 after you have spoken to Professor Figs during a quest called The Locket’s Secret.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 WalkthroughTalking with Professor Hecat

1) Report to Professor Hecat

Following Professor Fig’s instructions, you will need to make your way to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and speak to Professor Hecat.

It turns out that Professor Hecat knows about the Crossed Wands dueling and wants you to participate in it as well as practice your spell combination abilities.

Hector Jenkins Crossed Wands

2) Win Two Rounds of Crossed Wands

If you already did one round of Crossed Wands, you will only have one more to go but this one may be a bit more difficult than the first one.

To participate in Crossed Wands duels, you will need to speak with Lucan Brattleby, who is also the person you need to speak to for the other task in Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Practicing combining spells with Lucan Brattleby

3) Complete a Round of Spell Combination Practice with Lucan Brattleby

At this point, the game is introducing a kind of juggling system that focuses on combining spells and your basic attacks.

During this side quest, you will need to complete the spell combinations that are shown to hone your abilities.

4) Return to Professor Hecat

After completing both of the tasks that Professor Hecat has given you, it is time for you to report back to her.

Professor Hecat will teach you how to use Incendio and shortly after, the side quest will be completed.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 Rewards

Completing this assignment will reward you with 150 XP and you will also now be able to use Incendio to set certain objects on fire.

VerdictProfessor Hecat's Assignment 1 quest completion

Now that you have completed Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, you will now need to make your way back to Professor Fig.

Professor Hecat had some pretty strange requests, with one even involving the secret dueling club called Crossed Wands.

After Professor Hecat has taught you to use Incendio, you will now be able to head back and report what you have learned.

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