Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Round 2 Quest

Crossed Wands Round 2 quest Hogwarts Legacy

Once again you are back for more in another Crossed Wands duel but this time you are going up against 3 enemies.

This quest follows after you discover that the Crossed Wands club was not much of a secret as Professor Hecat wants you to participate in it.

To progress further into the story, you will need to complete this as one of the assignments given by Professor Hecat.

How To Get Crossed Wands Round 2 Side Quest?

Crossed Wands Round 2 becomes available once you have spoken to Professor Hecate during the first assignment she gives you.

Along with Crossed Wands Round 2, you will need to do the Spell Combination Practice 1 side quest to progress with Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Crossed Wands Round 2 Quest WalkthroughLucan Brattleby asks you whether you are ready for another round of Crossed Wands match

1) Talk to Lucan Brattleby

After Professor Hecate instructs you to join another match of the Crossed Wands, you will need to speak to Lucan Brattleby.

To start the duel, you will have to select the dialogue that mentions Crossed Wands when speaking to Lucan or it will be automatically initiated if Combination Practice I is done.

Before doing this quest, you can select the other option which will allow you to practice a dummy to complete the Spell Combination Practice I side quest.

Defeating opponents in the Crossed Wands match

2) Defeat Your Opponents

Just like with the first round of Crossed Wands, you will need to face your enemies using your basic casts and spells. (3 enemies in total)

You will be dueling against Hector Jenkins, Nerida Roberts, and Constance Dagworth, who will be fighting together against you and your companion.

You may use Protego to protect yourself from certain attacks while others need to be dodged depending on what warnings appear.

This time, there will be enemies who have yellow and purple shields, which require a spell of the indicated color to break them.

During this match, you can break yellow shields with Levioso and purple shields with Accio, allowing you to freely attack your enemies.

You may have already learned how to do combos by using Accio or Leviosa first followed by basic attacks along with another spell Accio/Leviosa to keep them suspended.

Once the opponents have been defeated, the side quest will be complete.

Crossed Wands Round 2 Side Quest Rewards

After Crossed Wands Round 2 has been finished, you will gain 180 XP and continue doing with Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

VerdictCrossed Wands Round 2 quest completion

Another round in the Crossed Wands is now yours and you are one step closer to being the overall winner, so you best be prepared later.

It was a surprise that Lucan believed his club to be secret and that Professor Hecat wanted you to take part in it but it looks like she had a good reason.

Now that you have won your second round, you are one step closer to being the champion but for now, you will need to take care of other things first, such as Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

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