Hogwarts Legacy Spell Combination Practice 1 Quest

Spell Combination Practice I Hogwarts Legacy

You were previously speaking to Professor Hecat about her assignments and she wanted you to head over to Lucan Brattleby to do some practicing.

During this side quest, you will be testing out your abilities against a dummy and will soon learn how to combine spells to juggle enemies in the game.

This side quest is also available along with the Crossed Wands Round 2 side quest and needs to be completed along with it.

How To Get Spell Combination Practice 1 Quest?

Speaking to Professor Hecate during her first assignment given to you will later unlock Spell Combination Practice 1.

You will need to complete Spell Combination Practice 1 along with Crossed Wands Round 2 as her assignments are given to you.

Spell Combination Practice 1 Quest WalkthroughSpeaking with Lucan Brattleby about using the training dummy

1) Talk to Lucan Brattleby

You have been instructed by Professor Hecate to do a few assignments and one of these is to practice your combinations.

To do this, you will need to head over to Lucan Brattleby and speak to him about using a training dummy, which will begin your training.

Cast Accio spell and followed by attacks

2) Cast Accio Followed by Four Consecutive Attacks

This will be the first combination that you will need to practice which requires you cast Accio on the dummy top, pull it and attack four times.

3) Cast Levioso Followed by Four Consecutive Attacks

Similar to what you did with Accio, you will need to cast Levioso to lift the enemy instead of pulling them and attacking them quickly four times.

4) Complete Spell Combinations Without Allowing the Dummy to Hit the Ground

Now that you have gotten a taste of how enemies react when attacked after being pulled or lifted, it’s time to combine these.

You will need to begin by casting Levioso to lift an enemy and attack them four times and just before they hit the ground, you will need to cast Accio.

Casting Accio at the right moment will pull them toward you, allowing you to follow up with another combination of four basic cast attacks.

Completing all 3 combinations will start a cutscene with Lucan Brattleby and the side quest will end shortly after.

Spell Combination Practice 1 Side Quest Rewards

Once you have completed Spell Combination Practice 1, you will be able to proceed with Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 if you have also finished Crossed Wands Round 2.

VerdictSpell Combination Practice I quest completion

You probably were thinking that simply casting a spell and attacking an enemy a few times was just enough to take them out.

It appears things can be more fun and complex due to their spell combination system, allowing you to juggle enemies with the right abilities and attacks.

Thanks to the training with the dummy, it looks like you now have some new moves up your sleeve to use in the next Crossed Wands duel.

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