Hogwarts Legacy Secrets of the Restricted Section Quest

Secrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest Hogwarts Legacy

Following the completion of a couple of assignments from Professor Hecat, you are now ready to push forward with your journey with Professor Fig.

You have been led by a hint that points you in the direction of the Restricted Section of the Library where you need to find a Book.

As you prepare to go further with your investigation, Professor Fig is called, leaving you to tackle things on your own in the meantime.

How To Get Secrets of the Restricted Section?

This quest becomes available after you have followed the instructions of Professor Hecat during her assignment. You previously had to win two rounds of Crossed Wands as well as hone your abilities during combination practice.

Secrets of the Restricted Section Quest WalkthroughProfessor Fig’s Office

The following objective may be different if you had chosen Natty as your companion as this one was done previously being accompanied by Sebastian.

1) Return to Professor Fig’s Classroom

Once you begin this quest, you will need to meet up with Professor Fig, which comes after your defensive magic with Professor Hecat.

Professor Fig will be waiting for you in his classroom and you will need to speak with him to start a cutscene.

2) Talk to Sebastian

As you were just about to discuss what would be done next, you are interrupted as Professor Fig is called away, leaving you on your own.

You decide to make your way to the Restricted Section of the Library without him and to do this, you will need to first find Sebastian who may get you inside.

Follow the waypoint and make your way to Sebastian, who you will need to speak to and he will agree to help you get into the Restricted Section of the Library.

3) Meet Sebastian in the Central Hall at Night

Now that Sebastian has agreed to accompany you, he will be waiting for you in the Central Hall and you will need to head over to the waypoint to find and speak with him.

As you speak with Sebastian, he teaches you how to use the Disillusionment spell, which will make it more difficult for enemies to detect you. (makes you partially invisible)

Sneak Into The Library

4) Sneak into The Library

The area will have prefects patrolling it and Sebastian has previously shown you where you need to enter but you have to avoid being spotted.

You will need to use the Disillusionment spell to avoid being seen and make your way into the Library through a nearby door.

5) Talk to Sebastian

As you enter the Library, the Librarian will still be there and Sebastian tells you to go behind one of the bookcases.

Sebastian decides to create a distraction so that you can get her key, which is needed for the two of you to enter the Restricted Section.

6) Get the key from the Librarian’s Desk

Once Sebastian creates a distraction, head over to the desk marked by the waypoint and interact with it to take the Librarian’s key.

7) Enter the Restricted Section

Sebastian will be outside of the Restricted Section and you will need to head over to where he is standing.

The door next to him may now be unlocked since you have the key and the two of you will now be able to enter.

8) Find the Book

Once you enter the Restricted Section, you will need to continue following the waypoint but just ahead of you will be a ghost.

You will need to use a basic cast to create a distraction, which will cause the ghost to investigate the target area. (there is a statue nearby that can be attacked)

After distracting the ghost, continue moving towards the waypoint and head down the flight of stairs that leads you further down the Restricted Section.

Sebastian Sallow and his new little friend

There is a broken statue just near an entrance that you will need to fix with Reparo but just as you approach, Peeves appears.

He then claims he will tell you about what he has discovered, which prompts Sebastian to stay behind to buy you some time.

After the cutscene, you will need to use Reparo to get through the blocked entrance and continue following the waypoint.

9) Search for the Secret Hidden in the Restricted Section

You will need to keep going lower into the Restricted Section and will find traces of magic that you can activate, which creates a portal.

10) Enter the Athenaeum

After activating the portal, you will need to go through it and continue making your way down a spiral flight of stairs where you must enter a door to another area.

11) Discover the Secret of the Antechamber

You will find yourself in the Antechamber which has a large gap but just above the door is a mechanism that you need to use the basic cast on to create a path.

As you cross the newly created path, there will be Pensive Sentries that begin to attack you, which you must defeat.

The next area will be similar and you will need to activate yet another mechanism but the timing will be different as you need to be fast to cross it.

Discovering the secret of the Antechamber

The third room with a gap is a bit different this time and you will need to attack the mechanism to create half of the path.

Once you are across, you will need to attack the mechanism again to move the path again, which requires you quickly cross to avoid falling.

You will find yourself next in a large hall where more Pensieve Sentries will be and will have to defeat all of them.

After defeating the Pensieve Senries, you will need to enter the door which will lead you to the book, which grants you access to memory during a cutscene.

As the memory finishes, the cutscene continues with you leaving the Restricted Section where you see Sebastian being scolded, claiming that he was with no one else.

Secrets of the Restricted Section Rewards

Completing, Secrets of the Restricted Section quest will reward you with 260 XP and since you have learned Disillusion, you will now have it permanently to cast whenever you want.

Aside from completing this quest, you will now have the book that you found which will now allow you to proceed to the next quest.

VerdictSecrets of the Restricted Section quest completion

Your search paid off since you were able to locate the book as well as a peek into the past with yet another memory.

Sadly, Sebastian was caught and is now in trouble again but lucky for you, he decided to deny that he was with anyone.

With the book now in hand, you will need to later speak to Professor Fig to learn more about it and what to do next.

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