Hogwarts Legacy Professor Ronen’s Assignment

Professor Ronen's Assignment quest objectives

After previously meeting with Professor Weasley regarding the tasks for your first day at Hogwarts, you were informed that you would be doing special assignments.

One of the very first of these assignments is done for Professor Ronen, who apparently will be teaching you the Reparo spell.

This is a simple assignment that can be completed easily and all you will need to do is have the Accio spell ready to be cast.

How To Get Professor Ronen’s Assignment?

Professor Ronen’s Assignment first becomes available once you have completed the Weasley After Class quest, which is part of your first day at Hogwarts.

Professor Ronen’s Assignment WalkthroughProfessor Ronen's Assignment quest objectives

This assignment requires that you obtain flying pages in certain areas that are nearby Professor Ronen which can be done by using the Accio spell.

If you are wondering how to get flying pages with Accio, you simply need to look at them until they are highlighted or manually aim at them and cast Accio.

1) Collect the Flying Page Near the Broken Statue

Just in front of Professor Ronen is a path leading to a broken statue and you will be able to see the flying page circling some of the pillars nearby.

Time your aiming right and cast Accio when the flying page is in sight and you will be able to pull it towards you, storing it in your Wizard’s Field Guide.

Collect the flying page in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower

2) Collect the Flying Page in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower

After you have collected the first flying page, you will need to head over to the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower, which will be marked by a waypoint.

Follow the path towards the location or fast travel and head forward and you will see the flying page above the first flight of stairs so that you can use Accio to get it.

3) Return to Professor Ronen

Once both of the flying pages have been collected, head back to where you spoke to Professor Ronen in the Transfiguration Courtyard and speak to him.

 After a bit of dialogue, you will be prompted with another minigame where you will learn to cast Reparo, the Mending Charm.

Using Reparo spell on Broken Statue to repair it

4) Use Reparo on Broken Statue (Optional)

This objective is not required or listed down but it was a request by Professor Ronen that you repair it, which can be found straight ahead from him.

You will see a statue that has been shattered and may cast Reparo to restore it, causing the chunks to be put back together.

Professor Ronen’s Assignment Rewards

Completing Professor Ronen’s Assignment will reward you with 150 XP as well as the Reparo ability, which allows you to repair objects in the game.

Reparo will be useful when you are doing other activities and can be a big help in discovering new paths or finishing other objectives that come later.

VerdictProfessor Ronen's Assignment quest completion

By this time, you will now get an idea of how the Accio spell can sometimes be useful as you were able to use it to obtain the flying pages.

Keep in mind that you can also use Accio later on to take items, which may include resources that you find out in the open.

Now that you have completed Professor Ronen’s Assignment, it is now time for you to finish your first day at Hogwarts by heading over to Hogsmeade to get your replacement school supplies.

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