Hogwarts Legacy Welcome to Hogsmeade Quest

Welcome to Hogsmeade Quest Hogwarts Legacy

After what has been an easy first day at Hogwarts, you were finally able to catch up a bit with your classes by doing an assignment for Professor Ronen.

Now that you have done everything required of you, it is time that you carry out your next step, which is to obtain your replacement school supplies.

This will take place in Hogsmeade, a nearby Village that is full of shops where you can get a lot of goods that you will need in the future.

How To Get Welcome To Hogsmeade?

Welcome To Hogsmeade will be available early on in the game but it will be locked until you have completed Professor Ronen’s Assignment.

To begin Welcome To Hogsmeade, you will  need to meet the following requirements:

  • Reach Level 2
  • Learn Reparo

If you are wondering how to get Reparo, you will first need to finish Professor Ronen’s Assignment, which is where you learn the spell.

Welcome To Hogsmeade Quest WalkthroughTalking with Sebastian Sallow

1) Meet Sebastian/Natty Near the Entrance to Hogwarts

The first thing you will need to do is meet your companion near the Hogwarts entrance and they will be waiting for you there.

Speak with your companion and this will begin a cutscene that leads to both of you exiting Hogwarts to make a trip to Hogsmeade.

2) Follow Sebastian/Natty to Hogsmeade

After exiting Hogwarts, continue following your companion who will lead you to Hogsmeade on foot but don’t worry the next time you wish to go there you can fast travel.

Be sure to check for resources that you may obtain along the way as these may be helpful later on when you need to do some crafting.

One of these resources that will be introduced is Lacewing Flies as your companion will stop by some bushes to tell you about them.

Upon arriving at Hogsmeade, a cutscene will play where your companion tells you they need to do something, leaving you to head to each shop to get your supplies.

3) Visit Tomes and Scrolls

Head over to the Tomes and Scrolls shop where you will need to speak to Thomas Brown, who will give you specific supplies, to begin with.

The following will need to be purchased from Thomas Brown but cost nothing:

  • Potting Table With a Small Pot Spellcraft
  • Small Potions Station Spellcraft

4) Visit Ollivander

The second shop you were supposed to visit (but you may have done this first as it is the closest one) would be Ollivander’s shop, which is where you will get your first wand.

Speak to Ollivander inside and you will be prompted to choose your very first wand after a funny cutscene where the wands he picks out fail to connect with you.

5) Visit J. Pippin’s Potions

Your next destination is J. Pippin’s Potions, which can be tracked on the map to show you the way to make things easier.

Once you are inside, speak to Parry Pippin, who will provide you with potion recipes which will be free of cost.

You will need to obtain the following from Parry Pippin:

  • Edurus Potion Recipe
  • Wiggenweld Potion Recipe

6) Visit The Magic Neep

Your final stop will be the Magic Neep, where you must speak to Timothy Teasdale, who will give you a Dittany Seed, which can be obtained from his shop menu.

7) Meet Sebastian/Natty at the Town Circle

After you have obtained all of your school supplies, head back to the town square to meet up with your companion and speak to them.

This will trigger a cutscene where Trolls will begin to attack Hogsmeade, forcing some of the people to fight back to lure one away.

Defend Hogsmeade by fighting with Armoured Troll

8) Defend Hogsmeade

The cutscene ends with another Troll having appeared, which leaves you and your companion to fight it off together.

During the fight, you will need to use dodge to avoid certain attacks, which are shown with a red marker above your character’s head.

You will still be able to use Protego for certain attacks but Levioso does not appear to do much against them.

During the fight, you will be able to use a new ability which is the Ancient Magic Throw, allowing you to toss objects at the Troll.

Continue fighting the troll until its health is low and you will be prompted to finish it off with another new ability, the Activate Ancient Magic ability, which destroys it.

repairing the objects that were damaged using Reparo spell

9) Repair the Damage

In the aftermath of the attack, you will need to start helping out by repairing some of the objects in the town that have been damaged.

You will see which objects need to be repaired as they will be highlighted and will need to cast Reparo to fix them.

10) Speak to the Shopkeeper

After making the repairs, you will be called over to speak to one of the Shopkeepers in the village, known as Augustus Hill.

A cutscene will play when you speak to him and he will thank you for your help and offer you a reward that you can receive from his shop menu.

When the menu opens, you will be able to purchase the Traditional School Robe which costs nothing, and will be prompted to equip it.

talking with Ranrok

11) Follow Sebastian/Natty to the Three Broomsticks

Sebastian/Natty decides that it’s time to have some Butterbeers after the incident during a cutscene but the two of you stumble upon a secret meeting.

It appears Ranrok is present and working with someone who planned on kidnapping you but their plan failed miserably.

You and your companion hide at the Three Broomsticks only to be followed but are protected by the Sirona, the owner.

12) Talk to Sebastian/Netty Outside the Three Broomsticks

You and your companion have a short chat before deciding to head back to Hogwarts and at this point, you will need to fast travel back to your common room, which ends the quest.

Welcome To Hogsmeade Rewards

During this quest, you will have obtained a lot of items since they were meant to be replacements for your school supplies that were lost when you first made your way to Hogwarts.

Along with 260 XP, you have received the following for completing the Welcome To Hogsmeade quest:

  • Your Customized Wand
  • Potting Table With A Small Pot Spellcraft
  • Small Potions Station Spellcraft
  • Edurus Potion Recipe
  • Wiggenweld Potion Recipe
  • Dittany Seed

VerdictWelcome to Hogsmeade quest completion

Things are starting to get a bit more intense knowing that you have been followed by Ranrok, who has taken interest in you.

Lucky for you, the people in Hogsmeade took your side and protected you against a man named Victor Rookwood, who is working with Ranrok.

Professor Fig will have sent you a letter by now and will need to speak with you about something that he has discovered.

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