Hogwarts Legacy Spell Combination Practice 2 Quest

Spell Combination Practice 2 side quest Hogwarts Legacy

In preparation, for the upcoming journey you have ahead, you will need to continue doing training exercises to improve your combat abilities.

The Spell Combination Practice 2 is a good way for you to do this and once it is available you can start developing new ways to take out your enemies.

This quest is vital for you to learn new ways to juggle enemies in the air, making it good for getting used to how to attack enemies using a variety of spells.

How To Get Spell Combination Practice 2?

Spell Combination Practice 2 is available after you have completed,  Tomes of Tribulations quest and is also in line with the Crossed Wands Round 3 side quest.

Spell Combination Practice 2 Quest WalkthroughCasting Accio and the other two spells Incendio and Levioso in a combo

1) Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Spell Combination Practice 2 can be started by speaking to Lucan Brattleby, who can reach by traveling by foot or fast traveling.

Once you speak to Lucan Brattelby you can select the spell combination practice option if there is more than one available or it will simply begin when speaking to him.

2) Cast Accio, Incendio and Levioso in a Combo

This part is rather easy as you only need to cast spells and it is best to use them in a specific order to make sure that Incendio hits.

Accio will pull the training dummy toward you while Incendio will blast them with fire and you can finish it up by casting Levioso to lift it.

3) Cast Levioso and Perform a Basic Cast 3 Times, Accio and Incendio in a Combo

The combo is switched around a bit to allow you to perform Basic Cast and still pull the training dummy into cast Incendio.

You will start by casting Levioso which levitates the enemy and you can do 3 normal attacks before casting Accio.

Once Accio has been cast, the training dummy will be pulled toward you and you can complete the combo using Incendio.

4) Complete the Spell Combinations Before the Dummy Hits the Ground

Things get a bit more complicated with this step but with the right timing, it should not be so difficult to keep the dummy in the air.

You will be starting with Accio to pull the enemy, followed by a Basic Cast and Incendio, which is then followed by 3 Basic Casts.

Once the training dummy has been pushed further away, you may halt them in the air using Levioso, followed by another 3 Basic Casts.

The enemy will still be in the air for some time, giving you enough time to cast Accio to pull them back to you, where you can finish them off with Incendio and 4 more Basic Casts.

Spell Combination Practice 2 Rewards

Completing the Spell Combination Practice 2 side quest will reward you with 180 XP and by this time you will know more about how to do combos in battle.

VerdictSpell Combination Practice 2 side quest complete

By now you will have more spells to cast than you previously did, providing you with more opportunities to create combos.

During this spell combination practice, you can now hold enemies in the air for a longer time, making you a deadlier force to be reckoned with.

Once you have even more spells, you will be able to create even better combos to take down even the toughest enemies with ease.

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