Destiny 2 From Zero Quest Steps

From Zero quest Destiny 2

With Neomuna under attack, your help is needed to bolster its defenses as enemies keep pouring from all directions.

Assisting your new allies in their time of need is exactly what is needed to improve the relations between Earth and Neomuna.

Nimbus has a couple of tasks for you that will help out with the city and in return, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

How to Get From Zero Quest?

From Zero is a quest that you can get from Nimbus and this is often obtained as you speak with him if you already started the Lightfall main quest.

From Zero Quest StepsFrom Zero quest info

Step 1: Retrieve Supply Caches from Region Chests in Neomuna

Nimbus is worried about the supply caches that have been scattered around the city as the enemies may get their hands on them.

It is up to you to go out and retrieve some of the contents of these supply caches before the enemy can get to them first.

Step 2: Work with the Neomuna People to Defend the City

There is a lot to do in Neomuna that you can help out with, which will be great for keeping the city safe from the invaders.

You will need to do patrols, and public events as well as obtain resource nodes and open chests to help them gather supplies.

  • Complete Tasks (Reach 100% Progress)

From Zero quest completed

Step 3: Travel to Esi Terminal and Defeat Shadow Legionary Trask

There is a tough Shadow Legion enemy who is causing trouble at Esi’s Terminal and it is up to you to put a stop to the threat.

You will need to head to Esi’s Terminal by following the waypoint and defeat the Shadow Legionary before more damage is done.

  • Defeat Shadow Legionary Trask

Step 4: Return to Nimbus

Now that you have done your part in helping out the people in Neomuna, it’s time to return to Nimbus to report your success.

  • Visit Nimbus

From Zero Rewards

After completing From Zero quest, you will be rewarded by Nimbus with the Iterative Loop Legendary Fusion Rifle.


Nimbus knows that not all the Neomuna trust in outsiders and this is even more of a delicate situation with you being a Lightbearer.

Regardless of the fears of his people, Nimbus has still recruited you to aid them and you have proven your worth and earned his trust.

It looks like Neomuna is taking on a lot of pressure from different enemies and you will be playing a big role in fighting back.

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