Destiny 2 Under Siege Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Lightfall Under Siege mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Striders’ Gate, Neomuna

Emperor Calus and the Shadow Legion are pushing their attack on Neomuna and making their way to the Veil, which is precious to Neomuna.

To prevent them from getting to it, you will have to intervene and secure the Veil before your enemies have the chance.

You and Nimbus will be in touch during this mission and he will help you as much as possible to push back the enemy attack.

How To Get Under Siege Mission?

Under Siege becomes available once you reach quest step 3 in the Lightfall main quest, which is required for you to progress.

This involves the city being attacked by the Shadow Legion and it is up to you to help Neomuna defend itself against their new attackers.

Under Siege Mission ObjectivesSearching the Shadow Legion Keycards

1) Reach the Veil

As the mission begins, make your way further into the city while Nimbus gives you a heads-up on the situation.

Nimbus mentions that there are barriers set up by the Shadow Legion but he was able to locate a keycard that can take it down.

2) Find the Shadow Legion Keycards

As you reach a whole block full of enemies, you will need to fight your way going toward the waypoint until you reach the Shadow Legion Code Bearer.

Hail Barrage

Once you reach the Shadow Legion Code Bearer, you will need to defeat him and pick up the Corrupted Keycard that drops.

After obtaining the Corrupted Keycard, the objective will change and you will now have to get a total of 4 of them to proceed.

There will be a waypoint that points to the next Shadow Legion Code Bearer each time and you will need to take them out one by one to get their Corrupted Keycards.

Interacting with the barrier generator

3) Examine Barrier

Now that you have all of the keycards, you will need to make your way to the barrier that the Shadow Legion has set up.

You will need to interact with the barrier generator to begin hacking it, which will require you to protect Ghost.

4) Defend Ghost

Ghost will start hacking the barrier generator and enemies will begin to appear in an attempt to stop you from succeeding.

You will have to clear out 3 waves of enemies while Ghost is hacking and once they have all been defeated, the barrier will be down.

5) Reach the Veil

You will eventually reach an area where a Suppression Field has been deployed but you will need to continue fighting off the enemies.

Fighting with Shadow Legion Commander

6) Defeat Shadow Legion Commander

At this point, a boss named Vul’ourn, Shadow Legion Supply Master will appear and you will have to start fighting him.

There won’t be anything special about Vol’ourn as you can continuously attack him but during the fight, your powers will be suppressed.

7) Reach the Veil

After defeating Vul’ourn, continue making your way toward the end where there will be a chest that opens up and drops rewards.

The mission will be interrupted by a cutscene where you are already too late and the Shadow Legion has already taken the Veil.

Under Siege Rewards

Under Siege is a quest step during the Lightfall main quest and you will be able to proceed further after completing the mission.

SummaryCompleted Under Siege mission

Despite your best efforts to reach the Veil in time, you were beaten to it by the Shadow Legion and they now have enclosed the area.

You intercepted a message between Calus and The Witness while Ghost was shorting out and now have an idea of what their plans are.

It turns out that the Shadow Legion has plans on destroying the Veil, which does not bode well for Neomuna and you will have to make sure it does not happen.

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