Destiny 2 Downfall Mission Walkthrough

Season of Defiance Downfall Mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Striders’ Gate, Neomuna

In an attempt to fight back against Calus and the Shadow Legion, it has been decided that you infiltrate his fortress to destroy its relay.

It is believed that the Radial Mast is in the fortress and you have been tasked to find and destroy it to stop them from their plans.

While their position on Neomuna is dangerous enough to fight through, you must push against the odds to get to the Radial Mast before the worst happens. 

How To Get Downfall Mission?

Downfall is one of the missions that you play during the Lightfall main quest that becomes available once you have reached quest step 5.

During this mission, you will be heading to the Typhon Imperator, which has been positioned in Ahimsa Park.

Downfall Mission ObjectivesMaking way to Ahimsa Park using Sparrow

1) Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

As the mission begins, you will need to make your way to Ahimsa Park and this can easily be done by jumping on your Sparrow and driving there.

Once you get to Ahimsa Park, a suppressor will be present that dismounts you, and enemies will arrive in the area.

You will need to fight through the enemies and continue making your way to Calus’ ship, where you will find that it is blocked by a barrier.

Energy lock at the gate

To remove the barrier you will need to defeat the Fortress Ship Gatekeeper, which will cause an energy lock to appear near the gate.

The energy lock can be activated by shooting it, which will take down the barrier but don’t forget to grab the loot from the nearby chest as well.

Once the barrier is down, continue making your way inside and you will find a narrow path where you need to turn right at the end.

The Shadow Legion

After turning right, drop down the shaft and continue making your way toward the right of the open area to enter another narrow path.

You will need to drop down again into what appears to be a treasure room where there will be war beasts sleeping in the area.

Just above you will be traces of Strand energy and you will need to jump up to get to them to follow the path they make.

After finding the first set of traces, you will need to jump up once again where there will be a Scorpius behind more Strand energy.

Proceed going past where you destroyed the Scorpius and jump across and go to the end as there will be another small opening above.

More traces of Strand

Keep pushing forward and continue following the traces, which will eventually lead you to a dead end but Ghost will find another way out.

In the room that is considered a dead end, you will see more traces of Strand and will need to jump up to a chandelier and jump across to another area.

There will be pillars that you need to cross to reach a higher area and you will need to continue following the waypoint to reach a large room with a statue of Calus.

Once you are in the large room, enemies will begin to spawn and you will need to clear all of them out, which includes an Esteemed Colossus.

Energy locks are shot in order to open the door

After defeating the Esteemed Colossus, turn to the right of the statue and shoot the energy locks to open up the door.

You will once again need to follow the waypoint until you reach a grav lift that you need to take until you are near the end and will have to jump off at the last moment.

Continue making your way across more pillars and jump up to the large gap which leads you to another gate that you can open by shooting 3 energy locks.

Large room with several ships

You will find yourself in a large room with several ships that are signs that the Shadow Legion is preparing for war.

This requires that you now find a way to sabotage their plans and you will need to overload the nearby energy conduits.

2) Sabotage Shadow Legion Vehicles

To begin sabotaging the vehicles, you will need to stand in the large glowing ring, which you need to stay inside until a Dark Resonance is created.

Grab the Dark Resonance and bring it to the energy conduit controls and this will cause it to overload the conduits in the area, which destroys the ships.

3) Defeat the Tormentor

After you have destroyed the Shadow Legion’s vehicles, a Tormentor will appear and you will have to defeat it to proceed.

Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

4) Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

After defeating the Tormentor, head to the left side of the room and there will be 4 energy locks that you need to shoot to open a nearby gate.

Continue making your way by heading to the left and jumping from each gap to the other until you reach another room and take the grav lift.

Jump off again at the last moment and fight your way through the enemies until you reach another gate, which has 3 locks just opposite it.

Shoot the locks and continue making your way toward the top of the area to the left there will be a gate with 4 locks that you need to shoot to open it.

Another grav lift will be at the end of the room which will take you to where the Radial Mast is located but you will need to make a jump to get across.

Large colosseum with glowing rings

5) Destroy the Radial Mast

You will now be in a large colosseum and will need to stand in glowing rings again to create Dark Resonances which need to be picked up and deposited.

This must be done twice as there are two of them and you will have to fight enemies while performing this task.

6) Clear the Colosseum

More enemies will begin to appear and you will have to defeat all of them which later on causes a darkness anomaly (Strand energy) to appear.

Move towards the energy and interact with it to “look within”, which will empower you with Strand energy that you can now use to defeat the enemies temporarily.

Continue fighting all of the enemies in the colosseum until no enemies are left and you will become exhausted from using the power.

A boss called Val Bho’Kaurl will appear and begin to attack you but without the Strand energy, you will be unable to damage him.

7) Find a Way Out

Your only option now will be to run and Ghost will have received coordinates within the coliseum which you will need to jump to.

A glowing ring will be present, which you will need to enter and just at the right moment, Caitl’s ship appears and saves you.

8) Escape!

With no more options left and a path made clear by Caitl, your only move now is to run and you will need to jump on a Sparrow and drive your way out of the fortress.

Continue riding your Sparrow while evading the enemies until you reach a bridge at the end and a cutscene will begin, which ends the mission.

The cutscene will be a short story told by Caitl about how Calus came to be the way he is, giving you a background about the antagonist.

Downfall Rewards

Completing the Downfall mission will reward you with 500 Neomuna Rank, Glimmer as well as some gear of random quality.

This will also allow you to continue with the Lightfall main quest, bringing you to quest step 6.

SummaryDownfall mission completed

Just when things seemed to be too easy, the situation was too good to be true and Calus had already expected you to arrive.

The attempt to destroy the Radial Mast failed terribly and you would have been destroyed in the process if it were not for Caitl.

Now that another mission did not turn up the way everyone expected it to, it seems that you and your allies will need to come up with a new plan.

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