Destiny 2 Breakneck Mission Walkthrough

Breakneck Lightfall Destiny 2 Mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Zephyr Concourse, Neomuna

Neomuna’s CloudArk Reactor is under threat due to the Vex trying to siphon energy from it and since the people rely on the reactor, this can be a big problem.

It appears that the Vex have already gotten to the reactor and they have already started chewing at its power, which needs to be stopped.

Since your other plans have not gone so far, removing the Vex problem can be a good step to protecting Neomuna for now and you have been sent to take care of this.

How To Get Breakneck?

Breakneck is one of the missions that need to be completed in the Lightfall main quest and is a requirement to proceed past quest step 8.

With the recent attempts to help Neomuna not going so well, taking on a smaller problem such as this one will play a significant role in fighting back.

Breakneck Mission Objectivesreached Liming Harbor

1) Remove Vex from the Neptunian Reactor

The quest starts with you making your way to Liming Harbor where you will need to head to the waypoint marking where the Vex is located.

There will be a lot of Cyclop turrets in the area and you will need to fight your way past them as you continue heading to the waypoint.

2) Clear Out The Vex

Once you reach the location, Vex enemies will begin to spawn in the area and you will need to fight your way as you continue to go to the waypoint.

There will be Strand energy in the area and you will need to follow it until you reach another darkness energy that imbues you with Strand abilities.

You will be able to use the grapple ability to get across so you can continue going to the next waypoint or use jump abilities.

Eventually, you will come across a damaged door that you can destroy with your weapons, which leads to a large room where more Vex spawn.

Continue fighting your way through the Vex enemies that spawn to unlock the next area, which can be entered by breaking a door that becomes vulnerable.

3) Get To The Reactor

After fighting through the enemies, you will need to proceed toward the waypoint to find the location of the reactor.

Vex enemies will be present in most of the areas and you will need to be ready to defeat them once you encounter them.

This will require that you go through bents and jump through gaps which will eventually lead you to a room where there is a Vex Conflux.

Destroying Vex Conflux

The Vex Conflux needs to be destroyed and to do this, you will need to shoot the top of it but beware of the enemies that spawn in the area.

Once the Vex Conflux has been taken care of, head over up the short flight of stairs and jump up to go through the ceiling.

Continue making your way to the waypoint by breaking one of the vents and dropping down to proceed, where you will encounter more Vex.

Another Vex Conflux will be present and once you destroy it, you will be detained but can break free by damaging the trap.

Calixte, System Ward Finality, enemy appears

Once you are trapped, an enemy called Calixte, System Ward Finality will appear and start to attack you but will retreat when you deal enough damage to it.

After Calixte retreats, you will need to break through a nearby vent to get to another Vex Conflux but to destroy it you will first need to clear out the enemies.

Destroying the Vex Conflux will cause you to be trapped again and Calixte will reappear once more to attack you but retreat once more.

When Calixte is no longer in the area, you will need to go through the open space and follow it to the next room which is where the reactor will be.

4) Defeat the Vex Boss

Another Vex Conflux will be in the reactor room and you will need to destroy it to make Calixte appear once more.

This time you will be able to completely deplete Calixte’s health and it will not be able to retreat from the fight.

Destroying Vex Energy Parasites

5) Destroy the Vex Energy Parasites

With the Vex having been cleared out, you will need to destroy the Energy Parasites that are attached to the reactor.

6) Approach the Terminal

Once the Vex Energy Parasites are destroyed, interact with the terminal and interact with it to reboot the reactor.

7) Find a Way Out of the Building

You will need to leave the building and will have to follow the waypoint, which leads you to a locked door but you can jump over it as there is a gap above.

Continue following the waypoint by going up until you reach the outside of the building and you will encounter more enemies in the area.

Clear out all of the enemies that attack you and make your way across to a vent where there will be another Strand anomaly.

Interact with the anomaly to get imbued with Strand abilities and use them to exit the area by grappling your way out.

Killing the Tormentors

8) Destroy the Tormentors

As you make your way out of the vents, there will be a room full of bombs and Tormentors will spawn to attack you.

You will need to defeat the Tormentors before you can continue, which leads you through a large vent to the next area.

9) Escape the Building

Once you defeat the Tormentors, continue making your way through a vent that brings you to yet another area with Strand energy.

You will need to jump down and grapple your way out but Ghost will be giving you directions to make things easier.

Once you reach the outside of the building, the bombs will go off and you will be propelled by the explosion.

Breakneck Rewards

Completing the Breakneck mission will allow you to collect multiple chests within the mission which provide you with Glimmer, gear, and other loot.

It is also required that you complete the Breakneck mission to proceed with the Lightfall main quest, being the 8th quest step.

SummaryBreakneck Lightfall mission completed

Things are starting to take a turn as you are one step closer to saving Neomuna from its enemies now that you have restored power to the CloudArk.

While most of your endeavors have lately not ended well, this is good progress and is a good way to ensure the safety of the Neomuna.

Although there is much more to do, your progress with removing the Vex threat from the CloudArk has had a good impact.

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