Destiny 2: Beyond Light How to Shut Down Vex Conflux

Destiny 2 How to Shut Down Vex Conflux

  • Mission Type: Quest Step (Beyond Light)
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 5-10 Minutes

A device located in the Cadmus Ridge on Europa has been set up by Praksis and it is considered to be his latest experiment.

This device is capable of luring and trapping the Vex, which could prove dangerous once fully functional and must be taken care of.

You face two birds with one stone scenarios here, disrupting the device as well as forcing Praksis to come out of hiding.

Mission Objectives

Locate And Shutdown the Vex Conflux

Before being assigned this quest step, you will first need to obtain Tracking Devices from Vex enemies to shut down the Vex Conflux.

Once you have all Tracking Device, a waypoint will mark the location of the Vex Conflux and you can use your vehicle to easily reach it in the Cadmus Ridge.

Once you reach the Vex Conflux, a marker will show where you need to interact with it, causing Ghost to start his hacking sequence after scanning it.

During the time that Ghost will be hacking the Conflux, you will need to assist by defeating waves of enemies and destroying crystals that are powering it.

Each time you clear out a set of waves of enemies, the Crystal above their spawn point will lose its cube-shaped barrier.

Once the barrier of a Crystal is gone, you can destroy it and move on to the others until you destroy all three of them.

Defeat Conflux Watch Prime

Once you destroy the final Crystal, a Servitor named Conflux Watch Prime will appear and attempt to stop you from shutting down the Vex Conflux.

The Servitor will spawn in enemies and attempt to teleport you away from the Conflux at a high altitude, which will drop you to deal significant damage.

This can be countered by using your jump ability before you land and you can time this right by watching out for the warp effects and sound.

Aside from the usual attacks and warping you away, the Conflux Watch Prime will also summon Resilient Homing Shanks that will chase you and self-destruct.

Continue pushing against the enemies that spawn to assist the Conflux Watch Prime and destroy it to complete the quest step.


  • The enemies that spawn will get harder with each wave you defeat and become significantly harder per Crystal.
  • The Resilient Homing Shanks can easily be killed but a lot of them chasing you and self-destructing can get you killed.
  • During this quest step, a lot of enemies will be spawning and this makes weapons that deal area damage very useful.


After defeating the Conflux Watch Prime, the mission will be complete and Ghost will inform you to get a signal from the downed Servitor, which completes on its own.

Ghost will have figured out the location of Praksis after the defeat of the Servitor and your next quest step will be to locate and defeat him.

In the process of hunting down Praksis, taking down the Vex Conflux is a huge step for ensuring the safety of those on Europa.

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