Destiny 2: Beyond Light How to Save Allied Skiff on Europa

Destiny 2 Allied Skiff on Europa

  • Mission Type: Quest Step (Beyond Light)
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 5-10 Minutes

Variks has spoken to you about the Eliksni who are about to attempt to leave Europa and start a new life but Eramis plans to stop them.

Your task will be to head over to where the Skiff is leaving Europa and will need to make sure that the Eliksni escape.

As Eramis plans to foil the Eliksni’s plan of escape, it is up to you to protect them and to see to it that they leave Europa in one piece.

Mission Objectives

Go To The Eventide Ruins

You will first need to head over to the Eventide Ruins, where the allied Skiff is attempting to escape from Europa.

As you reach the location, you will find that the Skiff is prevented from traveling by Field Emitters, which you will first need to tamper with.

Once you tamper with the Field Emitter marked by your waypoint, you will figure out that it requires a code.

Ensure The Fleeing Allied Skiff Escapes

Enemies will start to swarm your location, attempting to stop you from helping the Eliksni who are attempting to escape.

There will be a marked enemy who has the Field Emitter Code, who you must kill to shut down the Field Emitter.

There will be a total of 3 Field Emitters that you will need to shut down, each of them with its own set of enemies and a code from the marked enemies.

Once you have disabled all of the Field Emitters, the Eliksni will be able to escape and the quest step will be complete.


  • You will need to obtain codes from the enemies one at a time per Field Emitter and this does require that you defeat the holders of the codes.
  • Not all enemies need to be killed to proceed to the next Field Emitter but it is suggested you clear them out to reduce damage taken.
  • You will need to make do with your current element as there will be no Stasis overcharge in this quest step.


Once you have deactivated all of the Field Emitters, the Eliksni Skiff will be able to fly off to its freedom, safe from the grasp of the enemies on Europa.

Variks realizes that the Darkness has not corrupted you like it did Emaris and tells you that it’s time to bring that lesson to Eramis.

The Eliksni are now free to start over and now that there is nothing for Emaris to use against you, it’s time to take her out.

Completing this quest step will provide you with the mission called The Kell of Darkness, which pits you against Eramis.

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