Destiny 2: Beyond Light Riis-Reborn Approach

Destiny 2 Rise-Reborn Approach Splinter of Darkness

  • Mission Type: Quest Step (Beyond Light)
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 10-15 Minutes

Defeating Praksis has put a toll on Eramis and her army but there is more to do as your Splinter of Darkness is ready to be attuned once more.

After empowering your Splinter of Darkness with the one from Praksis, you will now be able to attune yours and become stronger to control Darkness more.

Your task is to head to Riis-Reborn Approach and to interact with and complete attuning your Splinter of Darkness.

Mission Objectives

Head To Ziggurat To Start Attuning

As there are two more instances left for you to attune your Splinter of Darkness, you become one step closer to gaining full control of the Stasis power.

Head over to the Ziggurat and interact with the object marked by your waypoint to get the location of the next Crux of Darkness.

Your next destination will be pointed out to you, requiring that you head to Riis-Reborn Approach to empower your Splinter of Darkness.

Commune with Crux of Darkness in Riis-Reborn Approach

After interacting with the Ziggurat, head back to Charon’s Crossing to save time and hop on your vehicle to head to Riis-Reborn Approach.

Riis-Reborn Approach will be marked by a waypoint and can be found after heading up an elevator located in the Eventide Ruins.

Traverse across the area and continue following the waypoint until you find the Crux of Darkness, which you will then interact with.

Similar to the other attuning instances, you will be surged with Stasis power after interacting with the Crux of Darkness.

Once you are filled with its power, use Stasis to take out the enemies in the area, attuning the Splinter of Darkness as you kill them.

After the enemies have been cleared, head over to the Crux of Darkness again and interact with it to complete the communion.


  • The Crux of Darkness will not be exactly at the earlier waypoints and you must fight your way to get to them.
  • Don’t save up on energy when you activate Stasis during the communing the Splinter of Darkness, since the energy will be unlimited.
  • Stasis will give you a huge advantage against the many enemies that spawn, so be sure to use all the abilities, especially your grenade ability for blocking.


Ghost will warn you about your current power and tell you that the kind of Stasis you wield is at its most powerful.

You will need to head back to Variks to discuss the changes that happened after attuning your Splinter of Darkness.

After these events, Variks will tell you that he needs your help to allow the Eliksni to escape, starting the next quest step that involves aiding an allied Skiff.

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