Destiny 2: Beyond Light The Kell of Darkness

Destiny 2 The Kell of Darkness

  • Mission Type: Story (Beyond Light)
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 15-25 Minutes

After foiling Eramis’ plans, it is time for you to track her down and end this conflict once and for all to prevent her from using the Darkness on others.

Variks has informed you of her location, Riis-Reborn Approach and you will need to head over and fight your way past enemies.

The time for you to take on Eramis is at hand and as a bonus, your Stasis powers will now fully be under control.

Mission Objectives

Hunt Down Eramis (Part 1)

Make your way towards Riis-Reborn Approach and prepare for a fight, because Fallen enemies will be blocking you every step of the way.

Fight past the enemies and continue following the waypoint which will lead you to where Eramis is located.

Along the way, you will come across a lot of Fallen enemies and will need to exert effort to get through, since many different types will spawn together.

You will come across Sniksis, House Salvation in the large room where you had previously attuned your Splinter of Darkness.

Defeat Sniksis and the path will be open going to the next room behind the Crux of Darkness, bringing you to Eramis’ location.

There will be a sealed portal waiting at the end of the room which you will be able to unseal using your Stasis powers.

Head up to the sealed portal and interact with it to break the barrier and afterwards, step inside to get to the other side.

You will encounter a brig and several other enemies in an upcoming room and will have to defeat them to proceed.

As you go through the next door, an enemy called Piksis, House Salvation will be waiting and strangely does not do anything for a while.

You can get the first hit and position yourself early for this mini battle and must defeat him before the barrier is opened.

Eliminate Eramis (Part 1)

After defeating Piksis, head to the next room and you will be able to begin the fight with Eramis, leading to her running off later on.

A brief cutscene will show where Eramis almost gets the upper hand, trapping you with her Stasis abilities as she attempts to destroy you.

Eramis will freeze Ghost and destroy your Splinter of Darkness but to her surprise, you no longer need the Splinter of Darkness and can now freely control the Darkness.

Eliminate Eramins (Part 2)

Once the cutscene is over, you will be super charged with Stasis and can now use it with an almost unlimited amount.

Continue fighting Eramis, who is now at full health again but this time, you have full Stasis abilities and can easily fight her and the enemies supporting her.

After emptying Eramis’ health, she will fall to her knees and another cutscene will play, showing Eramis’ fate.


  • You will be fighting past a lot of enemies and this can be done easily if you have weapons and abilities that can clear multiple enemies.
  • Use your Stasis to disable enemies and deal as much damage as possible to reduce the sources that damage you.
  • Eramis is susceptible to Stasis and can be weakened for you to have better movement during the fight.


Eramis could not defeat you and in the end the very power that was consuming her has frozen her solid, unlike with you, being able to master it.

Now that Eramis is frozen and everything seems to be back in order, it will be time for you to find out what is next by heading to the Exo Stranger.

More is revealed once you meet up with the Exo Stranger and there is a short quest afterwards after speaking with Zavala.

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