Destiny 2: The Technocrat Empire Hunt Walkthrough

Destiny 2 The Technocrat Empire Hunt

  • Mission Type: Empire Hunt (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: Europa
  • Empire Hunt Duration: 10 – 15 Minutes

After successfully shutting down the Vex Conflux, the location of Praksis has been discovered and it is up to you to take him out.

You will need to head into the Bray Exoscience to locate and destroy Praksis to prevent Eramis from using the Darkness to empower her army.

You will need to make your way into the facility and fight your way through enemies until Praksis is found within.

Empire Hunt Objectives

Find Praksis

Praksis is hiding out in the Bray Exoscience and you will need to head over to the facility and fight an experimental Brig which he tests on you.

Once you have destroyed the Brig, you will be able to proceed to the next area and continue pursuing Praksis’ signal.

In his shame, Praksis will want to erase his failure to destroy you with the Brig and will continue to hide until you find him.

Defeat Praksis (Part 1)

Once you approach Praksis, he will be hiding behind a barrier which will soon be taken down as he attacks you.

You will be temporarily fighting Praksis for a short duration before he runs but keep in mind that he will have a shield active.

To take down the shield, you will need to shoot his Shield Device that is hovering above where he is standing.

After taking out the Shield Device, you will be able to deal some damage to Praksis but he will start to run away once you have done a bit against him.

Pursue Praksis (Part 2)

As Praksis runs away, start chasing after him and clear out the enemies in the next room which will allow you to proceed to the next area.

You can run past some of the enemies in the next area, which requires you to cross gaps to head to the boss fight area.

Defeat Praksis

As you enter the boss fight area, Praksis, The Technocrat will arrive, crash landing one of his robots into the ground and will immediately attack you.

Continue to fight against Praksis and watch out for when he has shields active, requiring that you search for the Shield Devices before you can damage him again.

Destroy the Shield Devices and deal damage to Praksis, repeating this until he is defeated, which will end the mission.


  • Praksis pits you against many of his forces as well as his experiments in arena-like rooms which you should use strategically for cover.
  • It is a good idea to bring strong area damaging weapons to take care of several enemies as well as to destroy the Shield Devices.
  • The Shield Devices will not always be above Praksis and you will have to search for the rest located around the boss fight area to take out his shields.


After tracking down Eramis’ tech expert Praksis, The Technocrat, and defeating him, Eramis will be much weaker now.

You have also obtained Praksis’ Splinter of Darkness which Ghost tells you to bring back to camp so the Exo Stranger can check it.

After this mission, your next step is to head back to the Exo Stranger and speak with them to attune the Splinter of Darkness once more.

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