Destiny 2: Bray Exoscience Splinter of Darkness Quest Step

Destiny 2 Splinter Of Darkness Quest

  • Mission Type: Quest Step (Beyond Light)
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 5-10 Minutes

After defeating Phylaks, The Warrior, you have obtained her Splinter of Darkness and now must use it to power yours.

The Bray Exoscience is one of the locations that have a Crux of Darkness and you must interact with it to attune your Splinter of Darkness.

As you go to the Bray Exoscience, Eramis’ forces will be aware of your presence and will be in your way to stop you from proceeding with this task.

Mission Objectives

Attune Splinter of Darkness At Next Stasis Seal

You will first need to head to the Ziggurat once more to interact with one of the remaining seals for attuning your Splinter of Darkness.

Once you have begun the process, you will then need to make your way to the Bray Exoscience which can be done faster by fast traveling to Charon’s Crossing.

Commune With Crux of Darkness in Bray Exoscience

Follow your waypoint that leads to Bray Exocscience, which is a facility that is found within Cadmus Ridge.

Reaching the Bray Exoscience will prompt Eramis to create a transmission, speaking of how Phylaks was murdered.

Enter Bray Exoscience and the Crux of Darkness will be there in plain sight, which you will need to activate to start communing.

Enemies will begin to spawn and you must use the Statis powers that you are surging with to defeat them.

Once you have defeated all the enemies in the area, you will then need to interact once more with the Crux of Darkness to complete the communing.

Regroup With Variks in Charon’s Crossing

After you have finished attuning the Splinter of Darkness, you will need to head back to Variks in Charon’s Crossing to speak with him.

Simply fast travel to reach the destination faster and approach Variks to speak with him, prompting him to give another opinion about you and the Darkness that you are mastering.


  • The area is somewhat arena shaped and you can move around or stay at the center as you kill the enemies within.
  • Fallen enemies will be spawning in multiple areas and it would be wise to take cover to avoid getting hit by all of them at the same time.

Use the power of Stasis to easily defeat your enemies since your abilities will regenerate fast during this encounter.


As you speak with Variks, he claims to have seen how the Darkness had changed Eramis but also says that things may be different with you.

Variks speaks of Praksis, The Technocrat, and explains how he is the one behind Eramis’ technology and understanding of the Darkness.

This leads to a new important task which involves you figuring out what Praksis is doing and for you to put a stop to it to once more disable Eramis’ army.

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