Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Empire Hunt The Warrior Guide

Destiny 2 The Warrior Empire Hunt Walkthrough

  • Mission Type: Empire Hunt (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: Europa
  • Empire Hunt Duration: 10 – 15 Minutes

After you interfered with Eramis’ plans, Phylaks has suddenly broadcasted her location and challenged you.

Your task will be to seek her out and defeat her to remove one of Eramis’ best and most trusted warriors from her army.

This Empire Hunt involves you going to Nexus to fight through both Vex and Fallen to pursue Phylaks.

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Empire Hunt Objectives

Find Phylaks

Hop on to your vehicle and make your way towards the waypoint, which points you heading towards Nexus, Phylaks hiding location.

As you enter the area, you will find that the Vex and Fallen are having a go at each other and you may either fight your way through them or simply go to the end and avoid the fight.

There will be barriers blocking your way and these will be connected to a crystal that is shielded by energy.

To remove the shields to destroy the crystals, you will need to defeat the Principle Wyvern in the area.

Keep making your way through until you reach the Well of Infinitude where the majority of the location will now be filled with Fallen enemies.

Defeat The Fallen

Fight your way through the Fallen enemies in the area and continue making your way to the end until you reach a barrier.

Once all of the nearby Fallen enemies have been cleared out, the barrier will go down and you will be able to proceed to the next area.

Find Phylaks (Part 2)

Continue making your way in the search for Phylaks until you stumble upon an open area where there will be an Elite variant of a Brig.

There will be a barrier that will only go down once you have defeated the bring and in the next area you will begin the fight with Phylaks, The Warrior.

Defeat Phylaks

Once you enter the area, Phylaks will drop down and begin to attack you along with other Fallen enemies that arrive with her.

Every time you reduce Phylaks’ health by around one bar, she will cause the ground to disappear and move to a higher area.

You will need to make your way to high ground or your health will decrease the longer you stay off of a platform.

This will occur three times, meaning that you will have to relocate three times and chase after Phylaks during the fight.


  • You can skip most of the early enemies during this Empire Hunt and simply head for the waypoint until you reach Phylaks.
  • Phylaks is capable of using Stasis and you should be careful when getting hit by her abilities or you can become slowed or frozen.
  • The Empire Hunt is the first and one of the three Empire Hunts that you encounter in Destiny 2.


Phylaks, The Warrior is considered to be Eramis’ best warrior, and taking her out will have made a severe impact on Eramis and her followers.

After defeating Phylaks, you will be able to collect her Splinter of Darkness and use it to empower yours for more control over the Stasis power.

While Variks claims that destroying Phylaks will scatter Erami’s forces, it is known that there are more out there you will face and Ghost agrees while mentioning it is a good start.

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