Destiny 2 On The Verge Mission Walkthrough

On The Verge Lightfall mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Zephyr Concourse, Neomuna

Your ability to use Strand energy has become quite a convenience in battle but the exhaustion that follows makes you a glass cannon.

Osiris believes that with the proper training, you can manifest its abilities and use it without the withdrawal effects.

A special location for you to train your connection with the Strand is available and you will need to practice using it more if you are to become one with it.

How To Get On The Verge?

You will be able to do the On The Verge mission once you have reached quest step 10 in the Lightfall main quest.

This puts you further down the path to learn more about the Strand subclass and allows you to test out what it is capable of.

On The Verge Mission ObjectivesFollowing the Strand energy in Zephyr Concourse

1) Follow the Strand

The mission begins with you starting in the Zephyr Concourse and just nearby you will notice traces of Strand energy.

You will need to follow the Strand energy, which will also be leading you toward the waypoint as you fight through enemies.

2) Head for the Training Grounds

As you proceed further towards the waypoint, you will need to jump down to the lower area after crossing a bridge.

You will know you are in the right place once you find more traces of Strand energy and will need to follow it until you reach the training grounds.

Locating the Strand Source

3) Locate the Strand Source

With all the Strand energy present in the area, you will need to follow it to the source, which is where an anomaly will be.

You will be able to find it by jumping up until you reach one of the containers where the anomaly can be seen, which you will need to interact with.

4) Warm Up with Strand

Once you have activated the anomaly and are imbued with Strand energy, you will need to start fighting through the enemies and make your way to the waypoint.

5) Disable Vex Barrier

As you make your way toward the waypoint, you will be unable to go further as a Vex Barrier is blocking your path.

You will need to defeat Shieldbearer Hydras in the area to obtain energy cells to deposit, requiring a total of 3 to take down the barrier.

Using Strand grapple to traverse the Chasm

6) Cross the Chasm

After you have disabled the Vex Barrier, you will need to continue making your way toward the waypoint while fighting through more Vex enemies.

You will come across a chasm that needs to be traversed and this can be done by using your Strand grapple and jump abilities.

7) Destroy the Vex Oracles

Once you have crossed the chasm, you will find yourself in a cave where there are Vex Oracles (that look like crystals) that need to be destroyed.

These cannot be destroyed by your weapons and will require that you create Tangles, which are done when enemies have been defeated while under Strand effects.

You will need to pick up the Tangles and toss them at the Vex Oracles to destroy them and once all 3 have been destroyed, you may proceed.

8) Head for Training Grounds

Now that the path is clear, you will need to jump your way up and continue heading towards the waypoint to reach the Training Grounds.

Approaching the Strand anomaly

9) Let the True Training Begin

Once you reach the training grounds, you will need to approach the Strand anomaly and interact with it to be imbued with Strand again.

Enemies will begin to appear and you will need to defeat all of them, which includes destroying Minotaurs that spawn.

10) Unravel Vex Offenses

The Vex will continuously send enemies to attack you and you must defeat a total of 4 Minotaurs that appear in the training grounds.

11) Eliminate Vex Remnants

Continue fighting the Vex enemies in the area until none of them are left but this also leaves you exhausted from using Strand energy.

Another Strand anomaly will appear and you will need to interact with it again to gain the power and use it to fight the upcoming enemies.

An Inquisitor Mind will appear but it will be invulnerable, which requires you first to create Tangles and destroy the Vex Oracles nearby.

Once a Vex Oracle has been destroyed, a Quantum Hydra will appear and you will have to defeat it to pick up an Energy Cell.

The Energy Cell dropped by the Quantum Hydra must be brought to the top of a floating platform, which is where it will need to be deposited.

Once an Energy Cell has been deposited, you will be able to damage the Inquisitor Mind before it becomes invulnerable again.

This will require that you repeat the process of depositing an Energy Cell to make it vulnerable gain to finally defeat it.

Fighting with Inquisitor Mind

12) Finish the Fight

With fewer enemies left and the Inquisitor Mind weakened, you will now need to defeat it, which causes the other enemies to disappear.

After being congratulated for becoming more adept at using Strand, the mission will be complete and a cutscene will begin.

On The Verge Rewards

Completing On The Verge will bring you one step closer to obtaining the Strand subclass and you will also get Glimmer, gear, and more.

Since this mission is part of the Lightfall main quest, you will be able to proceed to the next part right after it.

SummaryOn The Verge Lightfall mission completed

When you first merged with Strand energy, you were able to control it for only a certain amount of time but things are a bit different now.

With everyone’s harsh training and the practice you have made with Strand, you will soon be able to use it freely without withdrawals.

This might have happened just at the right moment as Osiris and Rohan rushed out due to an assault from the enemy.

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    What is the ‘top area’

    • March 8, 2023 at 12:58 pm

      As you start fighting more enemies there will be platforms and you will later need to reach the highest one to deposit an energy cell.


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