How to Get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2

Season of Defiance came at the same time as Lightfall but offered something completely different and enjoyable for players, which was the Defiance Battlegrounds.

To fully reap the rewards from the Defiance Battleground activities, players should make sure they grab a couple of Defiant Keys before starting them.

Defiant Keys are however not that hard to get and you can grab a few of them before going on a Defiance Battlegrounds spree to make it worth your while.

Where to Get Defiant Keys?Destiny 2 Defiant Key

There is no specific Defiant Key location if you want to farm these as you simply have to play the game often to get them.

Defiant Keys can be obtained anywhere in the system as long as you are doing activities and there are lots to choose from as well.

The following are the different activities that may reward you with a Defiant Key:

It is best to choose whichever activity you are more familiar with or which ones you need to get several things done in a few goes.

How to Get Defiant Keys?

Defiant Keys are rewarded at the end of activities that you do but they are not always guaranteed as the Defiant Key drop chance is not always 100%

Doing activities where you compete against other players is more likely to provide you with a better Defiant Key drop chance for winning while coop activities require you to finish them.

Once you have completed an activity, a Defiant Key will be obtained as soon as it is finished as long as it has dropped at the end by chance.

Defiant Keys UseD2 Defiance Battlegrounds activities

Defiant Keys are used at the end of Defiance Battlegrounds activities to unlock a chest for bonus rewards when you complete them.

There are also upgrades available at the War Table which can further increase your rewards once you purchase them.

The rewards obtained usually consist of gear from Season of Defiance as well as glimmer once the chest has been opened.

Defiant Keys Carry Limit

Currently, you can only hold 5 Defiant keys at a time and no more will be obtainable from activities once you have reached this limit.

You may however still receive keys if they are claimed as rewards but this is likely to be fixed sometime later if the limit is to be enforced.

It is best to start doing Defiance Battlegrounds activities once you have 5 keys so you don’t waste the opportunity to get more later with activities you do.

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