How to Get Defiant Engrams in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Defiant Engram

Season of Defiance introduced certain changes in Destiny 2 along with its release following the Lightfall update.

Defiant Engrams remain to be used to unlock gear but have also replaced the umbral energy currency, which is used to focus gear.

You will need to get your hands on Defiant Engrams if you want to obtain and later focus on specific items that were introduced during the season.

Where to Get Defiant Engram?

Defiant Engrams are obtained during certain activities that may take place in different parts of the system and depending on what activity you do, there will be a chance to get one.

A successful Defiant Engram farm method would be to unlock upgrades that provide additional Defiant Engrams and to do Defiant Battleground activities.

How to Get Defiant Engram?

Defiant Engrams can be obtained by completing activities such as Gambit, Crucible, Vanguard Strikes, and Defiant Battlegrounds.

With the Battleground Riches upgrade from the War Table, you will have a chance to obtain an additional Defiant Engram when opening a chest during a Defiance Battleground.

Another upgrade called Vestian Ward increases the chance to gain an additional Defiant Engram if you have gained Favor during the activity.

Defiant Engram UsesDefiant Engram Decoding

Defiant Engrams are mainly turned into gear from Season of Defiance if you obtain them as a reward but if you collect them at the end of activities, these are stored.

You can use Defiant Engrams for Defiant Engram Coding, which may be done at the War Table in the H.E.L.M.

You can focus on items that you have previously obtained during the season to get new ones that have rolled stats.

The following may be focused on Defiant Engrams:

Focused Decoding

  • Defiant Engram (Random Season of Defiance weapon or armor)
  • Recovered Leviathan Weapons (Imperial Decree Shotgun or Sword (depends on class)

Defiant Weapon Focusing

  • Defiant Weapons (Random Season of Defiance weapon)
  • Raconteur (Stasis Combat Bow)
  • Royal Executioner (Solar Fusion Rifle)
  • Perpetualis (Strand Auto Rifle)
  • Prodigal Return (Arc Grenade Launcher)
  • Regnant (Void Grenade Launcher)
  • Caretaker (Solar Sword)

Defiant Armor Focusing

  • Defiant Armor (Random Season of Defiance armor)
  • Unyielding Helmet
  • Unyielding Gloves
  • Unyielding Chest Armor
  • Unyielding Leg Armor
  • Unyielding Favor Bond

The Unyielding pieces of gear have a set bonus that reduces the number of instances you need to defeat an enemy to get Favors.

Defiant Engram Carry Limit

Currently, there is no limit to how many Defiant Engrams you can have and this is important for you to be able to store enough for when you need to focus gear.

The amount of Defiant Engrams you have does not show up in your inventory but can still be checked in other ways in your inventory or at the War Table.

How To Check Defiant Engrams?

To see how many Defiant Engrams you have, you can open up your inventory or check the Engram Tracker in your inventory.

The Engram Tracker is given to you when you first visit the War Table during the Season of Defiance and may be claimed.

You can check the Engram Tracker in your inventory to show how many engrams of each type you have remaining.

Another way to see how many Defiant Engrams you have is by checking the War Table focusing costs to see how many you have left to spend.

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