How To Get Heir Apparent & It’s Catalyst in Destiny 2 (2023)

Heir Apparent (Legendary Machine Gun) Destiny 2

“The Red Legion will march again.”-Caiatl

The Heir Apparent is an Exotic Machine gun that is capable of dealing high amounts of damage while protecting its user.

Its drawback is that it can only be fired while fully spun but once it starts releasing its slugs, enemies will be torn to pieces.

You can jump into the heat of battle with this weapon since it can create an Arc Shield that protects you when it is being spun up.

How To Get Heir Apparent?

The Heir Apparent is a reward for completing the Top of Class quest, which becomes available during the Guardian Games event.

The Guardian Games event happens every year and players will need to speak to Eva Levante to begin participating in it.

Heir Apparent Perks

1) Corkscrew Rifling (Barrel)

Heir Apparent has a balanced barrel.

  • Slightly increases range and stability
  • Slightly increases handling speed

This can be changed to Full Bore, granting Heir Apparent greatly increased range, decreased stability, and slightly decreased handling speed.

2) Appended Mag (Magazine)

The Heir Apparent magazine is built for higher capacity.

  • Increases magazine size

3) Armor of the Colossus (Trait)

While at full health, spinning up the Heir Apparent protects you with an Arc Shield.

4) Combat Grip (Grip)

The recoil of the Heir Apparent is more vertical.

  • Greatly controls recoil

Heir Apparent Intrinsic Traits

Heavy Slug Thrower

Holding the aim button will cause the Heir Apparent to spin up, which is required in order to fire the weapon.

The Heir Apparent can only fire slugs once it has finished Spinning up and will not be able to unleash any rounds until this is done.

Players are protected briefly during the spin-up if they are at full health with the Arc Shield provided with Armor of the Colossus.

How to Get Heir Apparent Catalyst?

Legion’s Bulwark

This upgrades the Arc Shield’s durability and partially reloads the Heir Apparent’s magazine if the shield is destroyed.

The Heir Apparent Catalyst can be obtained by completing the Competitive Catalyst Exotic Quest, which can be obtained by chance when you deposit medals during the Guardian Games Podium.


The Heir Apparent is a favorite of many players, which mostly are Titans thanks to the weapon making them even harder to defeat.

Heir Apparent is well known for keeping players safe when they are in a battle and thanks to the accuracy of this Exotic Machine Gun, it’s easy to focus fire on enemies.

While the Heir Apparent may have the drawback of being required to spin up first, the following events usually leave your enemies lying helplessly on the ground.

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