Destiny 2 Top of Class Quest (2023)

With the Guardian Games 2023 Event, Top of Class quest presents a new reward that players may be familiar with.

This is a simple quest that is meant to give Guardians a boost when they begin with the Guardian Games, rewarding them with an Exotic Machine Gun.

During the quest, you will need to follow mechanics related to the Guardian Games and defeat some enemies to get a shiny new toy.

Destiny 2 Top of Class Quest (Heir Apparent Exotic Quest)

How to Get Top of Class Quest?

Top of Class Quest becomes available during the Guardian Games event and is revealed after you have completed the Best in Class Quest.

Top of Class Quest StepsTop of Class Quest Info

Step 1: Earn a Medallion by Completing Activities With Your Class Item Equipped

By now you should already have your Class Item and if by chance you may have gotten rid of it, you can always get a new one from Eva Levante.

Once your Class Item is equipped, you can do activities such as Vanguard Playlists, Crucible Matches, or Gambit Matches to get an easy medallion.

Eva Levante will also have Contender and Platinum Cards, which will allow you to get better medallions as well.

Regardless of what medallion you go for, you will only need one to complete this quest step by obtaining any medallion.

  • Earn a medallion

Step 2: Defeat Targets With Machine Guns

Now that you have gotten a medallion, that part is over and you will now have to defeat a lot of enemies using a machine gun.

This can be any kind of machine gun as long as you defeat 100 combatants in total, the quest step will be completed.

  • Defeat 100 Combatants (Use Machine Gun)

Top of Class Class Rewards

Completing, Top of Class quest will reward you with the Heir Apparent, an Exotic Machine Gun that has the Armor of the Colossus Perk.

The Armor of the Colossus Perk provides the Guardian with an Arc shield when they are spinning up the Heir Apparent.


While, Top of Class is not the most difficult quest you can find in the Guardian Games event, it is an easy way to get an Exotic Weapon.

You can easily complete this quest as long as you have a machine gun on you or somewhere in your vault that you can get.

The Heir Apparent is a great weapon for almost any class as it can deal a lot of damage and increases the chance of survivability with its Arc Shield.

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