Guardian Games 2023 (Event Card, Class Points, Armor & Scout Rifle)

The Guardian Games Event 2023 is now here, and players are eager to join in and prove their class is the best by competing with Guardians in activities.

During this event, you can complete different activities after obtaining event cards with objectives that reward you with medals.

This returning event has been long awaited by Guardians and the rewards you can get make participating in the activity even more worth it.

What is the Guardian Game Event?

The Guardian Games is an event that sets Guardians off to do certain tasks given at random to obtain medallions during its duration.

These medallions are required for depositing in the Medallion Podium, which provides players with rewards based on how many they collect.

During the event, you will have access to the Guardian Game Event Challenges, which can be collected when the objectives are met.

How To Get Medallions?

Players will be able to obtain medallions once they equip their Guardian Game class item and start doing various activities during the event.

To get better medallions, players will need to get Platinum or Contender Cards from Eva Levante, who is available during the event.

These cards will have random challenges, but a hint will be in their title to give you an idea of what the challenge will be connected to such as Vanguard Playlists, Lost Sectors, and more.

Once a card’s objectives have been completed, you can claim them just like with bounties and can receive medallions.

What To Do With Medallions?

Once you have obtained medallions from completing Contender or Platinum Cards, you can deposit them into the Guardian Games Podium Medallion Depository.

By banking medallions into the podium, you can gain rewards such as weapons like The Title Legendary Submachine Gun or the Taraxippos Scout Rifle.

The more you deposit, the higher the points your class has, and at the end of the event, the best class will be determined by which one has the highest points.

Guardian Games Event Card

The Guardian Games Event Card has challenges that players can complete to get different rewards during the time of the event.

These are mainly tied to obtaining medals and depositing them to gain class points, while others require you complete other objectives to get the rewards.

The following is the list of Guardian Game Event 2023 Challenges:

  • In It To Win It (Deposit A Medallion) – Rewards The Title Submachine Gun and 1 Event Ticket
  • Bronze (Earn Class Points) – Rewards 1 Gold Medallion, 25 Legendary Shards, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Silver (Earn Class Points) – Rewards Burnished Acclaim, 1 Gold Medallion, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Gold (Earn Class Points) – Rewards 1 Enhancement Core, 1 Bungie Store Reward, 1 Event Ticket
  • Platinum (Earn Class Points) – Rewards Luminous Paragon, 1 Enhancement Prism, and 1 Event Ticket
  • In The Cards (Complete 15 Contender/Platinum Cards) – Rewards 1 Enhancement Core, 1 Gold Medallion, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Talented Scout (Defeat targets with Scout Rifles) – Rewards Taraxippos, 1 Upgrade Module, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Pull Some Strings (Defeat targets or assist teammates with Strand damage and abilities) – Rewards 1 Enhancement Core, 1 Gold Medallion, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Good Games (Defeat targets in Supremacy matches or Guardian Games Playlist) – Rewards 1 Enhancement Prism, 1 Platinum Medallion, and 1 Event Ticket.
  • Class Pride (Complete Supremacy or Guardian Games playlist activities) – Rewards 1 Upgrade module and 1 Event Ticket.
  • Friendly Rivalry (Complete Crucible, Gambit, or Supremacy matches) – Rewards 15,000 Glimmer, 1 Gold Medallion, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Up For The Challenge (Complete Guardian Games Ops Nightfalls) – Rewards 1 Enhancement Core, 1 Platinum Medallion, and 1 Event Ticket.
  • Crest Collector (Earn points in Supremacy by picking up crests from defeated opponents) – Rewards 1 Platinum Medallion, 25 Legendary Shards, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Classy Arsenal (Defeat targets with Guardian Games weapons) – Rewards 1 Upgrade Module, 25 Legendary Shards, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Cloudrunning (Complete activities on Neptune) – Rewards 15,000 Glimmer, 1 Gold Medallion, and 1 Event Ticket
  • Circuit Training (Complete Dares of Eternity, Vanguard Ops, or Defiant Battlegrounds) – Rewards 3 Raid Banner, 20,000 Glimmer, and 1 Event Ticket.
  • Champ (Complete all Guardian Games 2023 Event Challenges) – 1 Ascendant Shard and 1 Ascendant Alloy.

Class Points

Class Points will determine which of the classes in Destiny 2 is the winner of the Guardian Games 2023 Event and is earned by the Guardians.

Guardians will have to participate in activities and claim medallions through various ways to bank them into the podium to score Class Points.

At the end of the Guardian Games, the total points for each class contributed by all players will be calculated, and the class with the most wins.

New Strand Scout Rifle

With all the hype about the Strand Subclass, Destiny 2 has started adding more weapons that focus on Strand damage.

One of these is the Taraxippos, a Legendary Scout rifle that deals Strand damage that can be obtained during the event.

While The Title (Legendary Submachine Gun) is also brought back to players, the new Strand Scout Rifle stands out as being one of the newer weapons with Strand properties.

Guardian Games Armor 2023

Just like with the previous events in Destiny 2, we get more goodies and one of these is the Guardian Games Armor for 2023.

While these require you purchase them with Platinum, some players find them as a good trade as it lets them fight in style.

The New Armor Ornaments can be obtained by visiting the Eververse Store and purchasing them with 1,500 for each class.


While all the classes are good in their own ways, this is a simple friendly competition that puts players up to different challenges to prove whose class is the best.

At the end of the event, players will be able to determine who has been able to do better or put in more time with the Guardian Games.

By joining in on this activity, you have a chance to get your hands on a lot of gear along with other rewards for your efforts.

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