Destiny 2 Vying For Supremacy Quest Steps (2023)

Vying For Supremacy is a quest given during the Guardian Games 2023 Event, which has you going up against other Guardians in Supremacy PVP activities.

This will require that you participate in the Supremacy playlist to fight other Guardians and accumulate scores to unlock torches at the Tower.

While doing this quest, you will need to reach the Platinum Threshold to make the most out of your rewards for competing against other players.

Vying For Supremacy is obtained from Lord Shaxx

How To Get Vying For Supremacy Quest?

Vying For Supremacy is obtained from Lord Shaxx, who will give you the quest once you speak to him during the Best in Class quest.

The Best in Class quest is an introduction to the Guardian Games and will set you off to later speak to Lord Shaxx to unlock the Vying For Supremacy quest.

Vying For Supremacy Quest StepsDestiny 2 Vying For Supremacy seasonal quest info

Vying For Supremacy will have you competing against other players, allowing you to increase your score to later redeem rewards from the torches based on the threshold you reach.

Step 1: Reach Bronze Threshold

Your first threshold to reach will be bronze, which will require that you get a score of 150 via Supremacy Competitive Playlists and this will unlock a torch on the bronze platform once you do.

  • Bronze Threshold (150)

Step 2: Reach Silver Threshold

After you have passed the bronze threshold, your next target will be silver and this will require you to get a score of 300 by doing Supremacy Competitive Playlists to unlock the next torch.

  • Silver Threshold (300)

Step 3: Reach Gold Threshold

Once you have reached Silver, it’s time to do more Supremacy Competitive Playlists to get a total of 600 or more for your score to unlock another torch.

  • Reach Gold Score (600)

Step 4: Reach Platinum Threshold

This will be the final threshold for Week 1 and you will need to unlock the last torch by getting a Platinum Threshold, which requires you to reach 1,000 points.

  • Reach Platinum Score (1,000)

Step 5: End of 1st Week

Now that you have hit Platinum, it’s time to wait for the second week of the Guardian Games to participate in more PVP action.

Don’t forget that the torches have rewards and you will need to interact with them to get goodies for reaching each threshold.

Step 6: Reach Bronze Threshold

Another week of PVP action in Supremacy is at hand and to start things off, you will need to reach the Bronze Threshold by achieving a score of 150.

  • Bronze Threshold (150)

Step 7: Reach Silver Threshold

Just as you passed the Bronze Threshold, it’s now time to hit silver by getting a score of 300 by completing Supremacy matches.

  • Silver Threshold (300)

Step 8: Reach Gold Threshold

After you have reached the Silver Threshold, your next goal will be to reach the Gold Threshold by scoring 600 in total.

  • Reach Gold Score (600)

Step 9: Reach Platinum Threshold

The final threshold for the week is at hand and to reach it, you will need to score 1,000 to reach Platinum.

  • Reach Platinum Score (1,000)

Step 10: End of 2nd Week

You have reached the final threshold for this week and will have to wait for the next one to prove yourself again in PVP combat.

Before doing anything else, it would be good if you went over to The Tower and visit the torches to grab some rewards for reaching your current threshold.

Vying For Supremacy Quest Rewards

During this quest, you will be able to receive rewards for each of the thresholds that you reach and these can all be obtained by heading to the torches to collect them.

Rewards for this week include:

  • Multiple instances of Taraxippos and The Title (this gives you a chance to get different rolls)
  • Glimmer
  • Enhancement Core
  • Legendary Shards
  • Mastercraft Taraxippos or The Title (upgrades variants with different rolls)

SummaryVying For Supremacy seasonal quest completed

Vying For Supremacy is one of the more PVP-focused parts of the Guardian Games 2023 Event and just like with Shoot To Score, you get a good amount of prizes.

For each threshold, you will be getting your hands on legendary weapons from Guardian Games 2023 and some other materials along with Glimmer.

The best way for you to reach each threshold is to continue playing the Supremacy Competitive Playlist and doing exceptionally well will speed this up.

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