Destiny 2 Best in Class Quest (2023)

The Guardian Games have begun and just like in previous years, Guardians can now compete in PVP matches to earn different rewards in this event.

This involves competing in matches through the Supremacy mode, which is available in The Crucible, which sets you up against players to earn medallions.

To get things started, Eva Levante has a quest for you, and this will allow you to begin your participation in the event and act as a tutorial for it.

Best in Class Quest (2023)

How to Get the Best in Class Quest?

To get the Best in Class Quest, you will need to speak to Eva Levante once the event has already begun to begin learning the ropes of the event.

She will then give you a walkthrough on what to do to earn your first medallion and this eventually allows you to participate in the event.

Best in Class Quest StepsBest in Class Seasonal Quest Info

Step 1: Use the Glimmer That Eva Gave You To Pick Up A Card

You will need to purchase a Platinum or Contender Card from Eva Levante, which will later reward you with a medallion once you have completed it.

  • Purchase Platinum or Contender Card

Step 2: Earn Medallions by Completing Activities With Your Class Item Equipped

Now that you have picked up a card, you will need to complete the objectives on it to obtain its rewards based on which one you purchased from Eva Levante.

This requires that you participate in the Supremacy Match, which can be done by choosing it in the Crucible menu in destinations.

  • Complete Supremacy Match
  • Earn Medallions

Step 3: Speak With Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard

After you have obtained at least one medallion, it’s time for you to head back to Eva Levante to speak with her and find out what you need to do next.

  • Speak With Eva Levante

Step 4: Deposit Your Medallion A The Guardian Games Podium In The Tower Courtyard

Once you have obtained a medallion and have spoken with Eva Levante, you will need to go to the Guardian Games Podium and interact with it.

This will allow you to deposit any medallions that you have collected, which is required to proceed to the next quest step.

  • Deposit Medallions

Step 5: Claim Your First Event Challenge

Now that you have deposited your medallions, you will be able to access the Event Challenges for the Guardian Games Event.

You will need to claim the rewards for the “In It To Win It” challenge, which will provide you with rewards to complete this quest step.

  • Claim Challenge

Step 6: Speak With Zavala In The Tower Courtyard

After you have learned about the Guardian Games Event, it’s time to speak with Zavala for a few words on what will be going on.

  • Speak With Commander Zavala

Step 7: Speak With Shaxx In The Tower

Now that you have spoken to Commander Zavala, you will now need to go to Lord Shaxx to speak with him to proceed.

  • Speak with Lord Shaxx

Step 8: Return to Eva in the Tower

Everything is now in order and you are ready to continue participating in the Guardian Games Event

  • Speak with Lord Shaxx

Best in Class Rewards

After you have completed the Best in Class quest, you will now be able to fully enjoy participating in the Guardian Games Event.

Additionally, upon completion of the quest, Eva Levante will also reward you with the Taraxippos Scout Rifle that was introduced in Guardian Games 2023.


The Guardian Games Event happens every year and this time, you get access to more rewards and this includes the introduction of a new Scout Rifle, the Taraxippos.

This puts you in the fray with a lot of PVP combat and now you can enjoy friendly matches against other Guardians for even more rewards.

After finishing this quest, you will be more aware of what you can do during the event and can easily complete a lot of the challenges to get a lot of goodies.

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