Warframe Yao Shrub (Locations, How to Get & Uses)

If you have been to the coldest parts of Duviri you may have encountered one of these lantern-like resources, known as a Yao Shrub.

These are known to hold a warm light regardless of how cold and dark the locations are, making them stand out.

Obtaining these resources is not as tedious as it may seem as long as you know where to find them, which simply requires a bit of exploring.

Warframe Yao Shrub

Where To Get Yao Shrub?

Yao Shrub comes from their plants which can be found around the colder areas of Duviri and these are hinted at by the snow.

Their plants have an appearance that resembles a jellyfish and they can easily be spotted against the snowy terrain.

Since they can mostly be found in colder areas, this makes it best to search for them around the western part of Duviri.

Some of the best locations to search for Yao Shrubs would be in the following locations:

  • Soprano Springs
  • Netherbarrow Crossing
  • Throneguard Barracks
  • Titan’s Rest
  • Custos Arch

How To Get Yao Shrub?The Drifter finds Yao Shrub flying around snowy terrain

Yao Shrubs can be seen from afar when you are flying around snowy terrain and they can easily be spotted because of their shape and glow.

Once you find a Yao Shrub, you can destroy it to obtain the resource and this will give you an amount ranging from 3 to 5 per plant.

It is also possible to obtain Yao Shrubs from completing activities but scouting the snowy areas is a more reliable way of getting a large amount.

Yao Shrub Uses

Yao Shrubs are needed to craft a weapon known as Azothane, which is a Two-Handed Nikana that was introduced with the introduction of The Duviri Paradox.

The blueprint for the Duviri Two-Handed Nikana can be obtained by purchasing it with Pathos Clamps, which later allows The Drifter to use and later to be crafted aboard your Orbiter.

Aside from being used to craft the Azothane, Yao Shrub is also one of the resources needed to install Incarnon Genesis upgrades on certain weapons.

The following are the Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require Yao Shrub:

  • Lato Incarnon Genesis
  • Kunai Incarnon Genesis
  • Furis Incarnon Genesis
  • Lex Incarnon Genesis
  • Bronco Incarnon Genesis
  • Ceramic Dagger Incarnon Genesis


It is important to keep in mind that these can only be found in cold places, meaning it’s best to head right over to the west part of Duviri.

The best way to get your hands on a lot of Yao Shrubs would be to run The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story and collect them before you leave the session.

Initially, Yao Shrub was thought to only be used for crafting but later, it was revealed to be an important resource for Incarnon Genesis upgrades.

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