Warframe Silphsela (Locations, How to Get & Uses)

Duviri is a land filled with many strange plants and stones, which makes it home to several resources that are not only on the ground but in the air as well.

Silphselas is one of the resources that appear to be a bit rarer to find but has mechanics that allow you to grab a lot quickly.

This is a resource that was introduced when The Duviri Paradox came out and remains to be a vital resource when it comes to crafting or enhancing.

Warframe Silphsela (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Silphsela?

Silphsela comes from Sun Silph plants that can be found in most of the areas to the west of Duviri and these can be spotted from afar.

They appear as a large glowing flower and to make things easier, you can find them when you are flying not only by looking for the plant but also what it releases.

A Sun Silph plant will release Silphselas, which are caught in the winds and can be seen floating around, which makes it easy to find them.

Some of the best places to farm Silphsela include the following areas:

  • Primrose Village
  • Mathila’s Farm
  • Royalstead Pastures
  • Upperhaven
  • Lunaro Court

If you happen to be flying around and notice the Silphselas that are floating around the area, it would be best to check below you as the plant will most likely be nearby.

How To Get Silphsela?The Drifter is destroying Sund Silph plant to drop a Silphsela

To obtain Silphsela, there are two ways and these give a good amount each time you find one whether you fly or run around.

Destroying a Sun Silph plant will cause it to drop Silphsela but if you give it some time, it will release them into the air, allowing you to collect them.

Standing right next to a Sun Silph will allow you to collect the Silphsela it releases and if there are no more, that is the time you should destroy it to get the rest.

Silphsela Uses

Silphsela is one of the resources that are needed for crafting the Sun & Moon and Sampotes weapons, which were introduced when The Duviri Paradox came out.

Another use for Silphsela is for Incarnon Genesis upgrades, which is used to unlock the potential of certain weapons.

Silphsela is used for the following Incarnon Genesis upgrades:

  • Paris Incarnon Genesis
  • Boltor Incarnon Genesis


Sun Silph plants have a resemblance to daisies in a way because of their shape and the Silphselas that it releases make it easy to obtain this resource.

The best way to get Silphsela is to fly above the Sun Silph and collect them before destroying the plant itself as you can get tons in one go.

If you have already explored Duviri, you will most likely have already run into this resource, whether it is the plant or the Silphselas that are floating around.

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