Warframe Enigma Gyrum (Location, How to Get & Uses)

Enigma Gyrum is one of the rarest resources you can get from Duviri, which is because obtaining it may require searching and a bit of puzzle-solving.

This resource is used to purchase Acrithis, which later can be used to make things look a bit neater once you get it.

While Enigma Gyrum does not have that many uses yet, players are going after it not only because of the special item that can be purchased but also to get other rewards.

Warframe Enigma Gyrum (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Enigma Gyrum?

You can only get Enigma Gyrum in Duviri, which first requires that you locate puzzles with the Watchful Paragrimm (glowing owl) on top of them.

These can be found by flying around and spotting them from a distance and if you use the Left Hand to guide you, it will show its location just like other side objectives.

An Enigma Gyrum puzzle will always have a Watchful Paragrimm above it, which gives a hint that there is a puzzle that needs to be completed.

How To Get Enigma Gyrum?Enigma Gyrum Puzzle side objective in the The Duviri Paradox

Enigma Gyrum can be obtained by completing puzzles that can be found around Duviri that are overlooked by the Watchful Paragrimm.

The Enigma Gyrum Puzzle or Owl Puzzle as some refer to it is a side objective that can be found while exploring Duviri that gives rewards upon completion.

To complete this puzzle, you will need to match the symbols on the floating devices to the pillar that the Watchful Paragrimm is sitting on, which afterward provides you with rewards.

Enigma Gyrum Uses

Enigma Gyrum is used as a currency when purchasing an item known as the Watchful Paragrimm from Acrithis, which costs 50 Enigma Gyrum in total.

The Watchful Paragrimm serves as a decoration that can be displayed in your orbiter once you have purchased it.

Aside from being used as a currency, there are currently no other uses for now when it comes to Enigma Gyrum.


While Enigma Gyrum seems to be something that players will be less likely to farm at first, it later provides you with a nice decoration that you can display.

Other than going for the glowing owl, players will most likely be solving Enigma Gyrum Puzzles to get parts for the Cinta bow.

All in all, Enigma Gyrum is more of a bonus for players who continue to solve the puzzle and this allows them to get their hands on the Watchful Paragrimm later as a bonus.

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