Warframe Eevani (Locations, How To Get & Uses)

Duviri is home to several plants that the citizens have been making use of, which includes Eevani, a resource that they mash into a paste used to alleviate discomfort from wounds.

This resource has other uses though and is one of the rarer resources that can be found when you are exploring Duviri.

Although it is considered rare, Eevani is not exactly hard to find but instead, limited in the amounts you can get per session that you explore.

Warframe Eevani (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Eevani?

You can find Eevani plants in certain areas in Duviri but not all as they only grow on the floating isles that can be found around the land.

This means that Duviri has only two specific locations where the resource can be obtained but this does not mean there is only one way to get it.

The only locations where Eevani can be found are in Archarbor and the Amphitheater, which can easily be reached by flying via your Kaithe.

How To Get Eevani?The Drifter is at one of the floating isles to farm Eevani

The easiest way to farm Eevani would be to head over the two floating isles, which are Archarbor and the Amphitheater.

Once you are at one of the floating isles, you simply need to run around the area and search for the Eevani plants and destroy them to get the resource.

Aside from searching for them on the floating isles around Duviri, you can also get them as rewards when you complete stages or side objectives.

Each side objective (also known as side quest) may have a chance to reward Eevani but this will always be picked out randomly.

Eevani Uses

Eevani is used for crafting Syam, a Kitana that was introduced in The Duviri Paradox as one of The Drifter’s weapons.

Although Eevani was first sought out to craft Syam, it also has another use, which is for Incarnon Genesis upgrades.

The following Incarnon Genesis upgrades require Eevani:

  • Kunai Incarnon Genesis


While Eevani is not abundant in Duviri, this does not make it a resource that is hard to collect and you can simply resort to one of the methods.

The best way to farm Eevani would simply be to head to the floating isles and collect them before completing your session and starting a new one.

Eevani does not always drop from side objectives, which makes visiting the floating isles the more desired choice by players to get good amounts of it.

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