Warframe Dracroot (Locations, How to Get & Uses)

Dracroot is one of the resources that can be found in Duviri but this one is not as abundant in every place as some of the other resources.

This is one of the resources used to craft a weapon that was released along with The Duviri Paradox update and maybe a requirement later.

While Dracroot may not be available in most locations, it is still easy to farm once you figure out the best locations to check for it.

Warframe Dracroot (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Dracroot?

Dracroot can usually be found in the southern parts of Duviri that are not covered in grass, which makes them easy to spot since they stick out like a sore thumb.

Heading to the south is a great place to start to get a good amount of Dracroot but these can also appear in other areas.

A good way to find Dracroot would be to ride around with your Kaithe as you can easily spot them since they look like tentacles sticking out of the ground.

Some of the best places to farm Dracroot include the following areas:

  • The Amphitheater
  • Soprano Springs
  • Custos Arch
  • Chamber Of The Muses

These may not be the only places where Dracroot can be found but they are good locations to head over to if you want to get a good amount.

How To Get Dracroot?The Drifter found Dracroot plants and trying to destroy it to get Dracroot

By heading to locations where Dracroot plants can be found, you can destroy them, which will cause them to drop Dracroot.

These come in small amounts but if you search the area for multiple plants, you can get a hefty sum after a few sessions.

Unlike the other resources, it appears Dracroot is not amongst the drop tables for stage and side objective rewards but may be obtained in The Circuit.

Dracroot Uses

Dracroot is currently needed for crafting Syam, a Nikana that can be used by The Drifter which once obtained, will provide a blueprint.

The Syam blueprint can later be crafted on the Orbiter with the use of Dracroot and other resources to be used in the Origin System.

There are certain Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require a Dracroot for installing them on specific weapons, which became available when The Duviri Paradox came out.

The following are the Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require Dracroot:

  • Skana Incarnon Genesis
  • Bo Incarnon Genesis
  • Magistar Incarnon Genesis


Dracroot may not be the rarest of resources but the amounts you can find are limited unless you look thoroughly around the areas where it can be found.

Should you require a lot of Dracroot, the fastest way to get your hands on it would be to do The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story and farm it before leaving.

Dracroot is useful for both crafting Syam as well as for installing some of the Incarnon Genesis weapons, which provide a whole new way to defeat enemies.

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