Warframe Syam (Blueprint, How to Get, Build & Riven)

Syam is a Nikana that was introduced in The Duviri Paradox update, which is one of the weapons seen held by Dax Gladius enemies.

This Nikana is so powerful, it is capable of unleashing a shockwave that can cut through enemies in a line when used by a Warframe.

This weapon features a high status chance with a moderate critical chance, suggesting that most builds can be altered based on what type of damage you want to inflict.

Warframe Syam Melee Weapon

How To Get Syam (Teshin’s Cave)?

Syam Blueprint

Syam can be crafted once you obtain its blueprint, which is done by visiting Teshin’s Cave and purchasing it with either Pathos Clamp or Platinum.

You can purchase it with 50 Pathos Clamp which will provide you with its blueprint or 250 Platinum to get the weapon already built.

Once you have the Syam Blueprint, you will be able to craft it in the Orbiter using the Foundry with resources that can be obtained from Duviri.

Syam Crafting Requirements

Syam Blueprint

  • 4 Maw Fang
  • 30 Rune Marrow
  • 30 Dracroot
  • 30 Eevani
  • 30,000 Credits

Syam Stats

Syam has a high status chance but also offers a decent critical chance and is capable of unleashing a shockwave that travels in a line.

The following are Syam’s stats:


Attack Speed


Blocking Angle

Combo Duration


Follow Through



Slam Attack

Slam Radial Damage


Slam Radius

Slide Attack



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier










Heavy Attack


Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Syam Special Attack (Shockwave)Syam Melee Special Attack (Shockwave)

A powerful slash can be done with the Syam, creating a Heat Shockwave that travels in a line going a long distance towards the direction you are facing.

This can be done by doing a heavy attack with Syam, which will cause your Warframe to charge up and unleash the shockwave.

Enemies in front of you will be hit as well as those that the shockwave comes in contact with, which deals impact and heat damage, capable of also applying status effects.

Syam Builds

1) Critical Slashes (Critical Chance Build)

Syam Critical Slashes Build

While the Syam has a higher status chance, this does not mean it is incapable of having a critical chance build, which is what this build is all about.

Using the set of mods included in this build, Syam can deal a lot of damage once your combo meter rises, allowing you to score continuous critical hits.

Amalgam Organ Shatter has been added to the build to increase the wind up of the heavy attack for when you want to unleash a shockwave at enemies.

2) Maiming Strike Build (Slide Attack Build)

Syam Maiming Strike Build

Having a good amount of range is always a good way to get multiple enemies in one swing, especially if you are using the Maiming Strike mod.

This build utilizes Primed Reach, Maiming Strike and additional mods to focus on dealing critical damage to enemies with your slide attack.

You can build up your combo to increase critical chance and add in slide attacks which have increased critical chance to guarantee your hits deal critical damage.

3) Weeping Wounds Build (Status Chance Build)

Syam Weeping Wounds Build

Syam has a high base status chance, which makes it a candidate for certain status builds and for this one, we have included Weeping Wounds and Condition Overload.

Weeping Wounds along with the 4 elemental damage and status mods allows you to inflict enemies with status effects more often while Condition Overload adds damage.

The more you slice at your enemies, the more chances you have of applying critical hits to your enemies and this makes your damage dealt scale as you strike them.

4) Condition Overload Build (Primed Finisher Build)

Syam Condition Overload Build

Using certain weapons to prime enemies is a good way of making them weak but doing this to finish them off with a melee weapon is even better.

Our Primed Finisher build was meant to be a way to easily take down weakened enemies using primer weapons, allowing you to make use of Condition Overload’s damage bonus.

It is best to match this with a primary or secondary weapon that is capable of inflicting enemies with status effects, as this will increase Syam’s damage.

5) Hybrid Build (Critical and Status Build)

Syam Hybrid Build

Our Syam Hybrid build consists of mods that benefit both the critical chance and status chance of the weapon, allowing it to inflict status effects and deal critical damage.

Blood Rush has been included to increase the critical chance while Condition Overload will boost the damage done to enemies inflicted with status effects.

With 2 elemental damage and status mods, we have a higher status chance (which can be altered) and elemental damage to target certain enemy factions.

Syam Riven Suggestions

Syam is a versatile weapon and can be modified to suit what kind of build you want for it, which makes it a good choice for critical, status or hybrid builds.

Status chance, elemental damage and attack speed are suitable for Riven stats if you are going for a status build while critical chance, critical damage and attack speed are for critical builds.

A hybrid build would be best to have critical chance, critical damage and/or attack speed to deal a good amount of damage to enemies.

Is Syam Good?

Syam is a unique weapon thanks to its heavy attack and the shockwave itself is capable of inflicting status effects based on your build.

Players would often compare the stats of Syam vs Nikana Prime and in the end Syam deals more base damage and has a higher status chance. (But they are both good in their own way)

When it comes to Syam vs Azothane, some players will prefer Syam due to its stats when it comes to status builds.


Being a Nikana alone has made Syam a favorite of some users, replacing the different Nikana’s that were released previously thanks to its heavy attack.

Dishing out combos to enemies and releasing a shockwave can be fun to do and the range of the shockwave can be useful in certain situations.

While its resources may take some time to farm in Duviri, getting your hands on Syam is worth the effort when it comes to slicing up enemies.

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