Warframe Connla Sprout (Locations, How to Get & Uses)

Duviri is home to several plants that the citizens have been making use of, which includes Connla Sprout, a resource that they mash into a paste used to alleviate discomfort from wounds.

This resource has other uses though and is one of the rarer resources that can be found when you are exploring Duviri.

Although it is considered rare, Connla Sprout is not exactly hard to find but instead, limited in the amounts you can get per session that you explore.

Warframe Connla Sprout (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Connla Sprout?

Connla Sprouts can be obtained by destroying the plants that hold them, which are usually found near bodies of water, mainly lakes, and waterfalls.

Some may be near caves while others will just be open areas that have water around them, suggesting that a lot of water is necessary for them to grow.

You can see them easily by their shape and the way they shine with water coursing all over the plant, which sticks out of the water most of the time.

Some of the best places to find Connla Sprouts are the areas under Orion Tower such as Neighbor’s Outlook as there is plenty of water around the area.

How To Get Connla Sprout?The Drifter is destroying the plants in the Duviri that holds Connla Sprouts

To obtain Connla Sprouts, you will need to destroy the plants that hold them, which are usually seen from a distance because of their bright glow.

These will drop a few Connla Sprouts and if you check the whole area, you can get around 20 or more of them in one go.

Connla Sprouts may also be obtained as a reward for completing stages or side objectives that you explore in the Duviri.

Connla Sprout Uses

Connla Sprout is one of the resources required to craft the Edun, which is a weapon that came along with The Duviri Paradox update.

Aside from being a crafting resource for the Edun, you will also need Connla Sprouts to install some of the Incarnon Genesis upgrades on certain weapons.

The following Incarnon Genesis upgrades require Connla Sprout:

  • Skana Incarnon Genesis
  • Ceramic Dagger Incarnon Genesis


Since there are not many bodies of water that are suitable places for Connla Sprouts to grow, this limits the amount you can get in Duviri.

Keep in mind that as long as there is a lot of water in the area, this could be a good sign to go check for them in the area.

Your best bet when it comes to farming Connla Sprouts is to head over to Neighbor’s Outlook and make your way to the other bodies of water to get them.

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