Warframe Lamentus (Location, How to Get & Uses)

Lamentus is a resource that can be obtained in Duviri and is usually found after you have gone head-to-toe with Dax enemies.

This resource is described as “a whisper of the fallen” which most likely means a trace of whatever the Dax have left of themselves.

Most of the new features in Duviri require certain resources and later, Lamentus will be one of them, making it important to have a lot of the resources.

Warframe Lamentus (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Lamentus?

You can only get Lamentus in Duviri and this is in the open world itself but not by destroying containers or objects, they are dropped from enemies.

No matter where you are in Duviri, as long as you come across certain enemies, you will be able to collect Lamentus from them when defeated.

Since the Undercroft is a different part of Duviri, enemies that have been defeated there will not provide Lamentus when they have been killed.

How To Get Lamentus?The Drifter killing the Dax enemies in the Duviri to drop Lamentus

Lamentus will drop from fallen Dax enemies, it seems that almost every Dax variant has a good, if not sure chance of dropping them.

A good way to farm Lamentus would be in The Duviri Experience as you can continuously do side objectives, which is a good way to find Dax enemies.

After you have collected a lot of Decrees, the Dax enemies become easier to kill, allowing you to farm Lamentus faster.

Lamentus Uses

You will need Lamentus to craft the Sun & Moon (Dual Nikanas), which becomes available after you have completed The Duviri Paradox quest.

Lamentus is not only used for crafting the Sun & Moon, it is also required for installing Incarnon Genesis upgrades on certain weapons.

The following are weapons that require Lamentus for Incarnon Genesis upgrades:

  • Furis Incarnon Genesis


Lamentus is one of the resources that you get early when you first delve into The Duviri Paradox and later, you will be able to get a lot of it by fighting Dax enemies.

Although you may encounter Dax enemies in the Undercroft, you will not be able to obtain them in the area as this is different from Duviri.

It appears that only the Dax is capable of dropping Lamentus and it seems to be tied with their origin, being legendary warriors of the Orokin Era.

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