Warframe Sun & Moon (Blueprint, How to Get, Build & Riven)

The Sun & Moon were originally Teshin’s weapons but he later gave these to The Drifter to fight back the forces of Dominus Thrax in Duviri.

This weapon was introduced in The Duviri Paradox update and became one of the first weapons you could obtain during its release.

These dual Nikanas feature a good amount of both critical and status chance, making it a good weapon for different builds.

Warframe Sun & Moon Melee Weapon

How To Get Sun & Moon? (The Duviri Paradox Reward)

Sun & Moon Blueprint

The Sun & Moon are usable by The Drifter during the start of The Duviri Paradox and are later rewarded once you have completed the quest.

After completing The Duviri Paradox, you will obtain the Sun & Moon and will be able to craft it in your Orbiter via the Foundry.

Sun & Moon Crafting Requirements

Sun & Moon Blueprint

  • 30 Tasoma Extract
  • 30 Rune Marrow
  • 50 Nacreous Pebble
  • 40 Connla Sprout

Sun & Moon Stats

The Sun & Moon are capable of dealing swift attacks to enemies, allowing you to quickly score critical hits and apply status changes depending on your build.

The following are Sun & Moon’s stats:


Attack Speed

Blocking Angle


Combo Duration

Follow Through



Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Slide Attack



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier












Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Wind Up


Sun & Moon Builds

1) Maiming Strike Build (Spin to Win Build)

Sun & Moon Maiming Strike Build

The Sun & Moon swords are great for different builds and one of the common builds we have includes the Maiming Strike mod.

This makes it easy for you to utilize its critical chance by building up your combo, which affects the critical chance that Blood Rush gives you.

Combining multiple hits and doing a spin attack now and then will guarantee that you deal critical heats often to enemies.

2) Status Build (Status Effects and Damage Build)

Sun & Moon Status Build

If you love to watch your enemies suffer every second while fighting them, you can opt for the Sun & Moon Status Build.

This build includes the 4 elemental status and damage mods, which increase the chance to inflict status effects and greatly boost the damage of Sun & Moon.

Condition Overload has been added to the build to increase the amount of damage you deal to enemies who suffer from status effects.

3) Condition Overload Build (Primer Damage Build)

Sun & Moon Condition Overload Build

This build is mainly modded with critical mods to improve the amount of damage you can deal but with a twist of having the Condition Overload mod.

With the Condition Overload mod added to the build, you get all the critical chances but have increased damage to enemies that are affected by status effects.

However, this build will require that you use primers to apply status effects to enemies, which could be ranged primary or secondary weapons with guaranteed or high status chances.

4) Hybrid Build (Critical and Status Build)

Sun & Moon Hybrid Build

The Sun & Moon swords have a good balance of critical chance and status chance, which makes it great for a hybrid build to cause multiple sources of damage.

You can add 2 elemental damage and status mods to change the combination to suit which enemies you are going to be fighting and the rest are for the hybrid build.

Condition Overload makes it easier to deal damage to enemies affected by status effects while Blood Rush can further increase the critical chance of your attacks.

Sun & Moon Riven Suggestions

Since the Sun & Moon have pretty good stats, you should choose your Riven Mod stats based on what build you are going for.

If you are going for a build that relies on critical chance, it would be good to go for damage, critical chance and a choice of attack speed or critical chance on slide attack.

Status builds can either have an increased status chance, elemental damage or a bonus to the attack speed of the Sun & Moon.

Is The Sun & Moon Good?

The Sun & Moon may not have any special abilities but it does deal a good amount of damage when you have fully modded it.

Since these are the initial weapons you get from The Duviri Paradox, it is not as strong as the other weapons that you can get later but it still can easily kill enemies.

Depending on what mods you install in this weapon, you can deal a good amount of damage, especially since the weapon can unleash powerful combos.


Dual Nikanas are a great weapon for any space ninja but the Sun & Moon offers a good balance between damage and causing enemies to suffer.

While its builds rely heavily on the mods you equip, it is a decent weapon that can be utilized in taking down specific enemies.

Combining both critical chance and status chance builds suits the weapon but going for a specific build has also proven to be effective.

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