Warframe Edun (Blueprint, How to Get, Build & Riven)

Slashing and piercing enemies is a great way to cut down those who stand in your way, which is where Edun comes in handy.

This Duviri Polearm can deal a lot of damage to enemies both up close and from afar, making it a good choice from the Duviri weapons.

Edun can be thrown when wielded by your Warframe, which is followed by an explosion upon impact whether it hits a surface or an enemy.

Warframe Edun Melee Weapon

How To Get Edun (Teshin’s Cave)?

Edun Blueprint

To craft Edun, you must first acquire it from Duviri, which can be done by purchasing it in Teshin’s Cave and this will also give you the Edun Blueprint.

You can purchase Edun using 50 Pathos Clamp, which can be farmed in Duviri or can purchase it already built for 250 Platinum.

Purchasing Edun will unlock it for the Drifter but to use it with your Warframes in the Origin System, you will need to craft it first.

Edun Crafting Requirements

Edun Blueprint

  • 30 Tasoma Extract
  • 30 Rune Marrow
  • 50 Nacreous Pebble
  • 40 Connla Sprout
  • 30,000 Credits

Edun Stats

The Edun possesses a high critical chance as well as a decent status Chance, which also triggers its ranged-throwing attack.

The following are Edun’s stats:


Attack Speed

Blocking Angle


Combo Duration

Follow Through



Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slide Attack



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier












Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Wind Up


Edun Special Attack (Throw)Edun Special Attack (Throw)

The Edun can be thrown at an enemy or a surface, which will cause initial damage on impact, followed by an explosion.

This can be done by doing a heavy attack, which will have a brief delay as you wind up, followed by releasing the weapon. (you can throw again even before it explodes)

Some players were wondering how to throw Edun and this was confused with The Drifter, but it can only be thrown by a Warframe.

Edun Builds

1) Maiming Strike Build (Spin Attack Critical Build)

Being a polearm, Edun has a good amount of range and when it comes to fighting your enemies, range and a high critical chance can do a lot.

This build makes use of Blood Rush to increase your critical chance so that you can deal a large amount of damage, especially when you use a spin attack.

Using a spin attack now and then between combos can cause Edun to do a lot of damage to enemies thanks to the critical chance from Blood Rush and Maiming Strike.

2) Status Build (Elemental Damage and Status Chance)

While the Edun can deal a lot of damage from its critical hits, you can also make your enemies suffer by focusing on status chances.

The elemental damage alone from the four status mods is enough to kill most enemies and when you add Condition Overload, the damage increases.

The technique with this build is to continuously hit your enemies to inflict status effects, which will allow you to make the most out of Condition Overload.

3) Gladiator Build (Combo Critical Chance Build)

The Edun Gladiator Build makes use of the Gladiator Set mods and is meant to be paired with a Warframe that has the set mods equipped.

This allows you to boost your critical chance to higher percentages by building up combos to deal more damage to enemies that you are fighting.

Spoiled Strike has been added to increase your overall damage while Berserker Fury compensates its attack speed reduction.

4) Condition Overload Build (Critical and Boosted Damage)

This build merely allows you to make the most out of situations where your enemies have been inflicted with one or more status effects.

Condition Overload can give you a damage boost based on how many status types are affecting the enemies that you attack.

Having a primer with you to inflict status effects will allow you to build up damage possibilities before moving in for the kill.

5) Weeping Wounds Build (Damage Over Time Build)

Considering the capabilities of hybrid builds, this build focuses on being able to prolong the effectiveness of status effects as well as increase the damage done.

In this build, we have included Primed Fever Strike due to the damage and its ability to apply the toxin status effect to add up with the slash status effect.

Quickening is used to increase the attack speed to quickly inflict status effects while Condition Overload will help you deal more damage to enemies affected by them.

6) Impaler Build (Throw Build)

Using the Edun to kill your enemies is one of the most fun things to do since you can throw the polearm, which causes it to explode.

Since the heavy attack of Edun has your Warframe throwing it as a projectile, you can use this build to throw a lot of projectiles in a shorter amount of time.

Enemies can be hit directly, which causes the explosion to trigger upon impact, making this not only fun but also an effective build.

Edun Riven Suggestions

Edun has a high base critical chance, making this one of the best stats to get if ever you equip it with a Riven Mod along with damage.

Increasing its attack speed is a good way to build your combo up and this can be a great way to increase the damage when you throw Edun.

Additionally, Riven Mods that boost critical chance with slide attacks, elemental damage or status chance for status builds are good options for Edun.

Is Edun Good?

Being a polearm gives the Edun a good amount of range, making it easier to fight enemies in a larger area to build your combo meter faster.

Its base damage is pretty good and with its high critical chance, you can easily modify it to get critical hits more often.

Having the option to throw Edun makes it good for certain situations where you need to deal ranged damage to enemies who are close together.


Edun is a powerful weapon and can be used by most melee-focused users and since it can be thrown, this can be used in certain situations where you want to deal a heap of damage.

Not only is its thrown attack strong, but it also has a bit of an area of effect to make things even better when it comes to taking out multiple enemies.

Since it has a good amount of critical and status chance, there are different builds that it can benefit from, especially when used with primers.

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