Warframe The Drifter Customization (Clothing, Kaithe & Weapons)

The Duviri Paradox brought us a lot of new features that were mostly meant for when you are using The Drifter to explore the new world.

The inclusion of decrees, intrinsics, melee weapons and a flying mount certainly changed a lot, which now gives you the option to customize The Drifter in different ways.

Now that The Duviri Paradox has brought these new features, it’s time to suit up and explore Duviri focusing on your playstyle.

Warframe The Drifter

The Drifter AppearanceDrifter Clothing

Back then The Drifter was all rags and left with simple weapons but now things have changed and when it comes to appearance, you can now equip them with a lot of things.

Not only can you choose between facial accessories, suits, sigils and animation sets, but you can now also equip attachments and even a Syandana of your choice.

This allows you to suit The Drifter to match your tastes, making it even more fun to play as this lone survivor.

The Drifter KaitheThe Drifter Kaithe

In the Origin System, you have Archwings, K-Drives and more but here in Duviri, you get a dark and twisted variant of a flying horse.

This can also be customized as there are multiple skins and parts that you can mix in match to create the perfect mount for The Drifter.

You may need to purchase some of the parts or skins for your Kaithe but it does come with standard ones that you can alter the colors for.

The Drifter IntrinsicsThe Drifter Intrinsics in Duviri

The Drifter’s Intrinsics are a big deal in Duviri as this is what makes you powerful later on when you explore Duviri and conquer your enemies.

Aside from being powered by Decrees, The Drifter can upgrade his intrinsics to provide him with various benefits that are applied later when he is exploring.

These focus on 4 different kinds of bonuses, which are Combat, Riding, Opportunity and Endurance, each providing more benefits as you upgrade them.

The Drifter WeaponsThe Drifter Weapons (The Duviri Paradox)

When you first start in The Duviri Paradox quest, you will get the Sun & Moon for free and these are Teshin’s weapons.

Later on, you can purchase other weapons that can be equipped by The Drifter once you get your hands on Pathos Clamps, which are obtained by defeating Orowyrms.

Each of the weapons has its unique trait which can make fighting the Dax enemies you encounter more fun.


The Drifter was first introduced during The New War and players were excited to see a whole new part of the story.

With The Duviri Paradox, everyone was surprised by all the new features and the weapons alone were something to grind for.

Now that The Drifter has a whole new land to explore, you can customize him exactly how you want him to be and conquer all those who stand in your way.

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