Warframe Komi (Strategy, Locations, Winning, Cheese & Rewards)

If you have been exploring Duviri for some time now, you may have noticed that there are tables in certain areas that have a board game called Komi.

This is a game that was initially featured during The Sacrifice, which allowed players to play against Ballas on a smaller board.

In Duviri the board is larger, and players can interact with the table to play and get rewards for winning against an AI opponent.

The board game called Komi in Duviri Warframe

Komi Mechanics

Komi has 9×9 points on the board, where you can place a stone on each point to take up a slot and your opponent will also be placing their stones after you.

You will each be taking turns to place a stone, allowing you to strategize by blocking or taking up more area as you go along the way.

The goal is to consume enemy stones, which can be done by surrounding them with your stones and the first one to consume 10 stones will win.

How To Play Komi?How To Play Komi in Duviri Warframe

To play Komi, you will need to find one of the tables around Duviri that has the Komi Board on it, which can be found in most areas.

If you are looking for Komi locations, you can easily find them when flying around and using the Guiding Hand (Drifter) ability to highlight them.

Once you have found a Komi Table, all you need to do is interact with it and the game will begin with you placing the first piece.

Komi Strategy

Your enemy will always be placed after you, so it’s important to choose where to start and how you will build your set of stones.

Once you have placed a stone, your opponent will either try to create more space or try to consume your stones.

Check where they place their stones and make sure that you do not give them any opportunity to take yours by blocking them.

You can build space by putting multiple stones if your opponent is distracted so you can later consume multiple stones at the same time.

Komi Bot Actions

The bot that you will be playing against will always tend to have the same actions, which will be to place stones in a line or to place them around when they get the chance.

It’s best to always check where they can place their stones if they are building towards a certain area, which you should count as soon as possible.

Anticipating the bot’s moves will allow you to counter most of its actions and eventually lead to your winning.

Fixing Blurry Graphics in Komi Game

Sometimes there are bugs in Duviri that can cause issues with the graphics when you are playing Komi, which can make the minigame uncomfortable.

To fix this, you can either complete or concede the match to exit it and make sure to close any pending menus that may have been left open, such as the vendor in Duviri.

Once you have left a previous Komi match, make sure there are no enemies nearby and that The Drifter is not doing any actions before you start the Komi Match.

Possible Komi Cheese Techniques

A good way to cheese your Komi opponent would be to simply counter all their moves as this will allow you to continuously gain space and block them.

Once you have blocked a lot of their moves, you will eventually have opportunities to consume their stones by trapping them.

A good way to cheese the opponent is also to bait some of your stones, which will force them to target those while you create more space to take several of theirs.

Komi Win Rewards

Completing a match of Komi will reward you with objective rewards such as resources, Drifter Intrinsics and a Decree.

Playing a match of Komi is considered a side objective, thus the rewards are given for each Komi Table where you defeat an opponent.

Komi matches are a great source for Decrees early when you are exploring Duviri to power up The Drifter for later.


Komi seems to be one of the older games that citizens would play during their free time back in the Orokin Era, which is likely why it is present in Duviri.

Completing these does not take up a lot of time and is a good way to get a Decree for The Drifter as well as a bit of resource and Drifter Intrinsics.

While playing minigames is fun and all, be sure to avoid starting it when enemies are around as they can still attack you during this time.

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