Warframe The Circuit Missions (The Duviri Paradox)

The Circuit is one of the game modes that becomes available after you have completed The Duviri Paradox quest which allows you to earn more rewards.

Once you begin The Circuit, you will be placed into one mission after the other to push back the enemies to save Duviri.

When participating in The Circuit, you can choose beforehand if you wish to play in Normal mode or challenge yourself with Steel Path mode.

The Circuit game mode missions in Warframe The Duviri

How To Start the Circuit?

The Circuit can be unlocked by first completing The Duviri Paradox quest and afterwards, you can start playing this game mode.

You can access The Circuit from the Origin System by choosing the Duviri Spiral on the upper right side of your screen when opening Navigation from your Orbiter.

Once you have selected the Duviri activities, you will be able to choose from The Circuit, The Duviri Experience and The Lone Story.

The Circuit Mechanics

The Circuit begins with you choosing your Warframe and the weapons that you will be using in the missions you partake in while fighting in the Undercroft.

Once you have selected your equipment, you will need to head through the portal to start getting random missions to do in the Undercroft.

If you are playing with a team or have set your settings to public matchmaking, you may need to wait for your team to pick out their equipment.

All The Circuit MissionsVoid Flood the Circuit Duviri mission

1) Excavation

You will need to head over to each location where secrets have been buried within the Undercroft and these can be extracted as the Paradox has provided a way for you to do so.

Each location needs to be approached, which will cause an Excavator to appear, and you will need to defend and power it until it is done excavating.

This requires that you defeat enemies and pick up Power Cells to make sure the Excavators can finish, which needs to be done until the mission is complete.

2) Exterminate

Thrax’s violence has reached the Undercroft and the enemies that arrive must be slain to prevent them from taking over.

You will need to defeat a certain number of enemies (scales with players) to complete this mission and move to the next one.

Enemies will continuously appear in the area and the majority are shown on your map depending on how far your radar reaches.

3) Defense

A historical Tenno asset lies within a grave that needs to be protected as enemies are planning to destroy it just as they did in the past.

You will need to head over to the target to start this mission and once it begins, enemies will come in waves to attack it.

This requires that you fight off all the waves, which are groups of enemies that spawn to attack the target that you must clear out.

4) Survival

The Survival mission in The Circuit will set you facing an endless number of enemies that will continuously spawn and attack you wherever you go.

To complete this mission, you will need to survive the enemies by running or killing them but there is another catch to this part.

You will need to make sure your Life Support does not diminish, requiring you to pick up additional Life Support from defeated enemies or Life Support Capsules.

5) Void Flood

The Paradox has caught the attention of Void Angels and they plan on attacking the Undercroft, which requires you to prevent this from happening.

To do this, you will need to seal the Void Ruptures that appear in the area with the use of Vitoplast that can be found in the area.

Vitoplast appears as cyan orbs that you may pick up and the amount you have will be shown on a nearby device, which later needs to be brought near the ruptures to seal them.

The Circuit Mission Rewards

Depending on which mode you are playing and how far you get, there will be different rewards that may include Decrees, resources and other items.

Every time you complete a mission, you will get Circuit Progress, which increases your tier, and this will give you rewards based on the path you have chosen.

For Steel Path, this will allow you to later obtain Incarnon Genesis rewards that you chose before beginning The Circuit in Steel Path mode.


The Circuit is a fun activity that allows players to obtain various rewards and is popular for the Incarnon Genesis upgrades that can be obtained.

Being able to choose the right Warframe and weapons before going into The Circuit plays a huge factor when it comes to beating the different missions.

It is easier to play with a team to progress faster in The Circuit but it is also doable even if you are playing as a solo player.

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