Warframe Enigma Gyrum Puzzle (Locations, Solutions & Rewards)

Travelling across Duviri will allow you to encounter several activities in the land and one of these is the Enigma Puzzle, also known as the Enigma Gyrum Puzzle.

These provide players with the chance to obtain different rewards that come randomly from a specific drop table while also providing Enigma Gyrum.

One of the main reasons that players tend to complete these puzzles is because it also rewards the Cinta Blueprint as well as its component blueprints.

The Drifter finds Enigma Gyrum Puzzle in the Duviri

How To Find Enigma Gyrum Puzzle Locations?

Each Enigma Gyrum Puzzle location can be found randomly around Duviri and these can sometimes be hard to spot if you do not check your surroundings.

A good way to find Enigma Gyrum Puzzles is to fly above and use the Guiding Hand ability to highlight them, which can cause them to glow in the distance.

If you check your map from time to time, you will notice if you are in a puzzle location if the area is highlighted in white, which marks an Enigma Duviri location.

How To Solve Enigma Gyrum Puzzles?Solving Enigma Gyrum Puzzles

Enigma Gyrum Puzzles will always have a Watchful Paragrimm on top of a pillar that shows 3 lighted symbols.

Each of the Enigma symbols represents one of the nearby devices that need to be altered to match the symbols on the pillars.

There will always be 3 symbols and 3 devices that need to be interacted with, mainly by shooting them as this causes the symbol on the device to change.

By shooting the symbol on the device, the symbol will change and once it matches one of the symbols on the pillar, you will hear a ring, which means one symbol has been matched.

After matching all the symbols by shooting each of the devices, the pillar (which is a chest) will open and you can get the rewards.

Enigma Puzzle Map With LocationsEnigma Gyrum Puzzle Locations

There are multiple locations in Duviri where Enigma Puzzles can be found, and these are common with every session you have in the land.

Above we have an Enigma Puzzle Map where you can find most of the Enigma Puzzle locations, which can easily be found once you are nearby and use the Guiding Hand ability.

The following locations are where you can go for your Enigma Farm sessions:

  • Upperhaven (2 locations)
  • Lunaro Court
  • The Citadel
  • The Amphitheater (2 Locations, 1 Underground)
  • Watershed Hamlet
  • Morai Crossing
  • The Agora
  • Soprano Springs
  • Fair Shores Hamlet
  • Throneguard Barracks (2 Locations, 1 Underground)
  • Castle Town (3 Locations)
  • The Kings Palace (2 Locations)
  • Titan’s Rest
  • Fort Wyrmsoul
  • Chamber of The Muses

Enigma Puzzle Solutions

There will usually be more than one type of puzzle but each of these all have the same need, which is to match the symbols on the pillar.

Sometimes you will need to stand on round platforms to open devices to shoot them while other times you will need to find the discs that go into the devices and throw them in.

To figure out what you need to do, the first thing is to look around and see what devices are available and find anything else that is missing.

Some of the types of Enigma Puzzles require you to do the following:

1) Single Disc Puzzle

This puzzle requires that you find a disc (if there is only one) and you will need to use this on each of the devices to match the symbols on the pillar.

To do this, you will need to throw the disc into a device and shoot it (some require you to step on platforms or shoot its glowing part to open) to match the pillar symbols.

Once you have done this with one symbol, you will need to take out the disc by shooting the glowing part of the device and repeat this for the other devices.

2) Multiple Disc Puzzle

For puzzles that have more than one disc, you will need to find each of the discs and place them into the 3 devices in the area.

Each of these needs to be found, placed and shot at to match the symbols on the pillar but sometimes they can be hard to spot.

The discs will usually be found lying around, inside of another device, hanging from a net and all of these can be taken by shooting at them and picking them up.

Opening DevicesEnigma Gyrum Puzzle Opening Devices

Not all the devices will be open and there will be different ways that you can open them which will either reveal a disc inside or will allow you to place one.

Some devices will be locked and will have a power line which leads to where you need to stand to open it.

Others will have a glowing spot on them which you can shoot, and once you shoot the glowing spot, the device will open.

Enigma Puzzle Rewards

Enigma Puzzles are activities and will reward you with resources, a Decree as well as Drifter Intrinsics that you get just for completing them.

Once a pillar has been unlocked, it will drop items that can be collected, and these may include the following:

  • Duviri Resources
  • Cinta Blueprint
  • Cinta Grip
  • Cinta Lower Limb
  • Cinta String
  • Cinta Upper Limb
  • Enigma Gyrum


Enigma Puzzles can be a bit tricky at first but after doing a couple of them, you will get the idea and can start completing these easily after finding each Enigma location.

While Enigma Gyrum is not necessarily an important resource, the puzzle offers a lot of other rewards, which makes them worth solving.

Aside from getting Enigma Gyrum for buying the Watchful Paragrimm, the chances to get the Cinta bow makes the challenge something most players seek out.

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