Warframe Drifter Intrinsics (Combat, Riding, Opportunity & Endurance)

The Duviri Paradox has introduced a whole new world where The Drifter has become the main character of the story.

As you progress in Duviri and continue with different activities, you will eventually encounter tougher enemies or harder tasks.

To make things easier, The Drifter has their own set of Intrinsics, which can be upgraded to give them a boost in Duviri and sometimes when you are somewhere else.

Warframe All Drifter Intrinsics

How To Get Intrinsics?

Intrinsic Points can be obtained by doing various activities such as The Drifter when you are in Duviri and the amount depends on what you do.

Activities that provide Intrinsic Points as a reward include The Circuit, completing objectives, encounters, and more when in Duviri.

These rewards will come in small amounts but completing multiple objectives is a good way to quickly farm Intrinsic Points.

Combat Intrinsics

Rank 1 – Deadly Decrees

Each Decree you obtain provides an additional 10% damage.

Rank 2 – Adrenaline Surge

Using Restorative boosts your movement speed for 5 seconds.

Rank 3 – Transference Sync

Allows you to use your Warframe for a short duration via transference.

Rank 4 – Swifter Strike

Drifter Power Strike cooldown is reduced in Duviri.

Rank 5 – Swifter Abilities

Drifter Ability cooldown is reduced by 20% in Duviri.

Rank 6 – Neural Pulse

Guiding Hand exposes enemy weak points for 10 seconds, allowing you to do 3x more damage when hitting them. 

Rank 7 – Weaponmaster

Critical hit chance increases by 20% additively when in Duviri.

Rank 8 – Transference Synergy

The duration of Transference Surge increases by 50%.

Rank 9 – Muscle Mass

The Drifter deals an additional 25% damage. (Boost is received by Drifter and Operator in Origin System)

Rank 10 – Overpowering Abilities

Using an ability in Duviri increases damage by 150% for 3 seconds.

Riding Intrinsics

Rank 1 – Summon Kaithe

Give you the ability to summon your Kaithe.

Rank 2 – Cavalier Strength

Increases your resistance to being dismounted from your Kaithe by an enemy.

Rank 3 – Hoof Stomp

Activating your third ability on a Kaithe causes it to stomp, which knocks enemies back and reduces their armor.

Rank 4 – Fast Travel

Allows you to use the advanced map to fast travel to central Duviri locations and Materliths.

Rank 5 – Smooth Path

Riding your Kaithe will mark plants and rocks on your map.

Rank 6 – Steadfast Dismount

Allows you to dismount your Kaithe and gain 150 Overguard when pressing activating the fourth ability. (150-second cooldown)

Rank 7 – Endurance Racer

The cooldown between dashes on your Kaithe is reduced.

Rank 8 – Unique Identity

Allows you to give your Kaithe a name.

Rank 9 – Equestrian Bond

Provides you with Kaithe Summon for Origin System Open World missions.

Rank 10 – Herd Travel

Allows you to use the map to fast travel to other Drifters.

Opportunity Intrinsics

Rank 1 – Expanded Decrees

Gain an additional choice when selecting Decrees.

Rank 2 – Expanded Arsenal

Provides two additional weapons for you to choose from in Teshin’s Cave.

Rank 3 – Lucky Opener

You obtain a free Decree upon entering Duviri.

Rank 4 – Warframe Abundance

Provides you with an additional Warframe to choose from in Teshin’s Cave.

Rank 5 – Treasure Finder

Gives an additional 50% chance for you to obtain Rare Decrees in Duviri.

Rank 6 – Fresh Hand

You may Discard Decrees that are offered to get a new selection. (3 per Duviri visit)

Rank 7 – Maximized Arsenal

Provides you with two additional weapons to choose from in Teshin’s Cave.

Rank 8 – Warframe Diversity

Gives you another Warframe to choose from when you are in Teshin’s Cave.

Rank 9 – High Value Vendor

An Arcane will now be included in Acrithis’s stock once per day.

Rank 10 – Stranger In Black

While you are in Teshin’s Cave, an unlikely ally may appear as a playable Warframe.

Endurance Intrinsics

Rank 1 – Fortifying Decrees

Every time you select a Decree, you will gain an additional 25 Health.

Rank 2 – Restorative Decree

Whenever a Decree is selected, your Health and Energy will be fully restored.

Rank 3 – Determination

Provides you with one additional revive when you are in Duviri.

Rank 4 – Deft Defender

Parry grants you 25 Health while a precise parry one provides 50 Health.

Rank 5 – Born Survivor

Dealing with a headshot will restore 10 Health per second for 5 seconds.

Rank 6 – Precision Power

Provides you with an extra charge for Transference Surge when you perform a Precise Parry.

Rank 7 – Sharpshooter’s Bounty

Headshots restore 10 Health per second for 5 seconds.

Rank 8 – Tenacity

Provides you with an additional revive when you are in Duviri.

Rank 9 – Tough As Old Boots

Regenerate 5 health per second as The Drifter. (Affects Drifter and Operator in origin system)

Rank 10 – Cheat Death

Taking Fatal Damage will leave you with 20% Health and cause you to become invulnerable for 3 seconds. (200-second cooldown)


The Drifter has improved since he was first encountered in The New War but this does not mean he is limited in Duviri.

With the addition of Drifter Intrinsics, plays can enjoy longer runs and accomplish more quickly with the boosts that are provided.

A good way to get Intrinsic Points is to continuously play the game and focus on Duviri to get as many as you can.

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