Warframe The Harbinger of Joy (The Duviri Paradox) Walkthrough

Once again you make your way towards Duviri and Teshin tells you that this time, it appears that Thrax may be in a good mood, which hints that the cycle has changed.

You will once again need to complete a series of stages to find the Paradox, which will lead you to another piece of the figurine.

Although Dominus Thrax is in a joyful mood, this does not mean that you are in danger, so it is best you prepare to face more challenges.

How To Get The Harbinger of Joy?

Completing, The Prince of Fire will allow you to continue with The Duviri Paradox quest, which starts The Harbinger of Joy.

The Harbinger of Joy Mission Objectives

Enter Duviri

You have just woken up after previously resting from completing The Prince Of Fire and now it’s time to head back into the Duviri by going through the portal.

Stage 1 Win The Kaithe Race

You will be in a small community where a Kaithe Race is about to begin and the area where you will start will be marked by a waypoint.

Enter the starting area and summon your Kaithe to begin racing, which means you need to go through the gates that appear nearby. (large spheres)

There will be smaller orbs that have a crosshair icon on them, which indicates you may shoot these, and doing so will give you more time.

You must complete the race through all of the gates before the timer expires and will have to run through 16 gates in total.

Stage 2 Enter The Undercroft (Excavation)

The next stage will have you venturing into the Undercroft, where you will switch to your Warframe and need to complete an Extraction mission.

You will need to protect the Excavators and keep them powered by defeating enemies and picking up Powercells to restore power.

You will need to excavate a total of 300 Cryotic before the stage is complete, allowing you to leave the Undercroft.

Stage 3 Herd Tamms

This stage is more of a peaceful event and you simply need to herd 3 nearby Tamms back to their pen to proceed.

Tamms are creatures that bear a resemblance to goats and are passive, which makes this a peaceful objective to complete.

To herd the Tamms, you will need to approach them and they will run away from you, so make sure you approach them from a direction to make them run opposite from you.

Stage 4 Enter The Undercroft (Exterminate)

After herding the Tamms, you will need to proceed to a portal marked by a waypoint that will bring you to the Undercroft.

Once you are in the Undercroft, you will begin an Exterminate mission, which requires you to defeat all of the enemies in the area.

After all of the enemies in the area have been defeated, you will be teleported out of the Undercroft after 10 seconds.

Stage 5 Find The Hidden Chest

A chest has been hidden within the marked area in Stage 5 and you will need to head over to it and find it, which is best done by flying over on your Kaithe.

Once you reach the area, you will be able to find the chest near some trees, and upon interacting with it, you will need to do a minigame to unlock it.

The minigame involves a disc with chords that you need to strike as the disc spins and once all notes have been hit, the chest will be opened.

Stage 6 Energize Shrine

Your last task will be to energize a shrine and this must first be reached, which you can do quickly by flying over to it.

Once you are near the waypoint, you will need to go deep within a cave, which has a shrine that must be interacted with.

Conquer The Maze

The shrine can only be activated by shooting the floating devices, which will activate and show energy heading to the next one.

You will need to shoot each of the devices with your firearm to completely activate the shrine, allowing you to move on.

After all the devices have been activated, the energy trail will lead back to the shrine and you will need to interact with it.

Investigate Paradox

After energizing the shrine, you will need to head over to the waypoint that is marking the location of a Paradox.

Upon reaching the Paradox, you will be able to interact with a figurine part to take it before returning to Tenshin’s Cave.

Return To Teshin’s Cave

After taking the figurine part, a portal will be opened up and you will need to enter it to return to Tenshin’s Cave.

Assemble Figurine

Now that you have another part of the figurine and have returned to Teshin’s Cave, it’s time to head over to the figurine and connect the part.

After assembling the figurine, you will have another memory flash in your mind and Teshin shows up to speak with you.

Return To Dormizome

Once you are done speaking with Teshin, a waypoint will mark the entrance to the Dormizone and there will be a table with food on it.

As you approach the table a cutscene will begin where The Drifter sits on the table and starts eating and afterward, you need to head back to the cave.

A waypoint will be marking Teshin and you will need to head over to him, which begins The Covetous Courtier mission next.

The Harbinger of Joy Rewards

The different stages you do during Harbinger of Joy will reward you with resources, Intrinsics, and decrees and these may be different from time to time.

The rewards we got were the following:

  • Stage 1: 5x Aggristone, 3x Intrinsics, 1x Common Decree
  • Stage 2: 5x Aggristone, 6x Intrinsics, 1x Rare Decree
  • Stage 3: 5x Aggristone, 3x Intrinsics, Common Decree
  • Stage 4: 3x Saggen Pearl, 5x Intrinsics, 1x Rare Decree
  • Stage 5: 5x Aggristone, 3x Intrinsics, 1x Common Decree
  • Stage 6: 5x Aggristone, 3x Intrinsics, 1x Common Decree

Once you have completed Harbinger of Joy, the next active mission in The Duviri Paradox will be The Covetous Courier.


The Drifter is becoming more aware of reality and has started to accept things that he is experiencing with Teshin’s guidance.

Another part of the figurine has been attached and you are one step closer to completing it but there is more that lies ahead.

If you remember the table where The Drifter was eating, this is a familiar site that you encounter when he meets his Tenno counterpart.

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