Warframe The Prince of Fire (The Duviri Paradox) Walkthrough

After escaping what was supposed to be another death in a loop that happens repeatedly, things have taken a turn and you met a man named Teshin.

Teshin has shown you the ropes and has decided that it is now time for you to start fighting back against Dominus Thrax.

As you enter Duviri, Teshin tells you of how Thrax has been angered, which is a sign that you should watch your back.

How To Get The Prince of Fire?

The Prince of Fire follows after The Spiral, which sets you on the next step toward fighting against Thrax in a segment where Lodun is calling the shots.

The Prince of Fire Mission Objectives

Stage 1: Defeat The Dax Guarding The Treasure

Lodun wants you to give the Dax problems, starting with getting rid of the ones guarding a treasure as he claims that they are his taxes.

You will need to head over to the waypoint where Dax enemies are located and will have to defeat all of them before proceeding.

Stage 2: Enter The Undercroft (Survival)

Once you have taken care of the Dax enemies, a portal will be available nearby that you can take to get to the Undercroft, where you will be using your Warframe.

This will set you off on a 5-minute survival where you will be facing Dax enemies as well as corrupted variants of enemies.

Fight off the enemies while picking up Life Support until the 5 minutes have been completed and you will return to Duviri afterward.

Stage 3: Defeat The Dax

Once you are back in Duviri, you will need to make your way to another group of Dax enemies, whom you will need to defeat.

This stage will be similar to the first and you will need to eliminate all of the enemies but this time they are a bit more difficult to beat.

Stage 4: Enter The Undercroft (Void Flood)

Another portal to the Undercroft will open up and you will need to head inside to begin a Void Flood mission, requiring you to seal all leaks.

To do this, you will need to pick up Vitoplast (Light-blue orbs) and head to the ruptures to seal them, which consumes the Vitoplast that you collected.

You will need to seal a total of 5 ruptures using Vitoplast and once this is complete, you will automatically exit the Undercroft.

Stage 5: Defeat The Chest’s Guardian

Londun will have spotted one of Thrax’s enforcers and will instruct you to take care of him, telling you to help yourself to his chest.

You will need to approach the nearby chest and interact with it, which causes a Hollow Thrax Centurion to appear and start attacking you.

Fight off the Hallow Thrax Centurion and once it is defeated, you will be able to open up the chest that it was trying to protect.

Stage 6: Purge The Darkened Areas of Luminus

A waypoint will be marking your next objective and it would be good if you hopped on your Kaithe so you can fly and get there faster.

Once you are at the waypoint, head below into the cave and approach the areas marked on your map to encounter Liminus enemies.

Each area marked will have a dark area and you will need to move into it to cause the Liminus enemies to appear.

Once you have cleared all 3 areas, you will need to head over to a nearby chest and interact with it and after that, a paradox will appear.

Investigate Paradox

The Paradox will be far away but you can use your Kaithe to get to it and once you reach the Paradox, there will be a piece of the figurine that you need to complete.

Grab the figurine piece and a portal heading back to Teshin’s Cave will appear, requiring you to enter it to complete The Prince Of Fire.

Return To Teshin’s Cave

Step into the portal and you will be brought back to the cave, which is where you will need to head over to the table with the figurine and interact with it.

This will play a short cutscene narrating about anger and afterward, The Drifter will need to speak with Teshin, who will instruct you to rest.

Rest By The Fire

After speaking with Teshin, you will need to interact with the fire that is marked by a waypoint, which ends the current cycle and starts the next mission.

The Prince of Fire Rewards

During The Prince Of Fire, you will be rewarded with different resources as well as intrinsics as you progress through the stages.

The rewards we got were the following:

  • Stage 1: 3x Saggen Pearl, 3x Intrinsics, 1x Common Decree
  • Stage 2: 5x Aggristone, 5x Intrinsics, 1x Rare Decree
  • Stage 3: 5x Aggristone, 3x Intrinsics, 1x Common Decree
  • Stage 4: 3x Saggen Pearl, 5x Intrinsics, 1x Rare Decree
  • Stage 5: 5x Aggristone, 3x Intrinsics, 1x Common Decree
  • Stage 6: 3x Saggen Pearl, 3x Intrinsics, 1x Common Decree

Completing this mission will allow you to proceed to the next one in The Duviri Paradox quest, which is known as The Harbinger Of Joy.


After going on an errand for what appears to be the spiteful and angry side of Dominus Thrax, you were successful in defeating several Dax enemies.

Going through all of the trouble has finally rewarded you with another piece of the figurine but there is still more to go.

The next cycle will be different however as Teshin has mentioned that Thrax is in a good mood but this doesn’t mean things will be any easier.

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