Warframe The Spiral Mission (The Duviri Paradox) Walkthrough

The Duviri Paradox begins with The Drifter being held captive and it is shown how he relieves the same fate, which is being executed.

It appears that Dominus Thrax has been repeating this but suddenly, something changes, and a force saves The Drifter.

After what was thought to be a meteor falls from the sky, The Drifter obtains an item that now changes his fate and may help him get his freedom.

How To Get The Spiral Mission?

The Spiral is the first mission of The Duviri Paradox quest, which serves as a tutorial to most of the features of Duviri.

The Spiral Mission (The Duviri Paradox) Objectives

1) Let The Left Hand Guide Your Escape

After obtaining the Left Hand, you will need to approach a nearby corpse and interact with it to obtain the Sirocco, which will be your main ranged weapon.

Once you have obtained the Sirocco, a Dax Herald will appear to attack you, but you can kill it instantly with a single shot.

You will need to continue by using the Left Hand for guidance and will need to press the button/key shown to activate it. (Second ability)

Activating the Left Hand will cause energy to appear to guide you, hinting that you should follow it as it is marked by a waypoint.

Continue using the Left Hand to guide your way and follow it while avoiding enemies as much as possible until you reach the outer area.

2) Let The Left Hand Guide You 

Eventually, you will come across a bridge that you must cross but an Orowyrm appears and destroys it, forcing you to head back to find another way.

3) Find a Way Across The Bridge

You will need to use the Left Hand again to find the right way, which leads you to a Kaithe (horse-like creature) that you will need to interact with to ride.

Head back to the bridge while riding the Kaithe and jump across to continue following the path and you will wind up at a Materlith Statue. (This heals you when you are nearby)

There will be a nearby cave and you will need to go inside to continue following the Left Hand’s guidance, taking you to what appears to be a performance.

4) Talk to Bombastine

A strange figure will be in the area who is marked by the waypoint, and you will need to interact with them, which begins a conversation.

The Drifter aggressively demands to know the way out and Bombastine reveals where he must go, which ends the scene a little later.

5) Follow The Guiding Light

Continue using the Left Hand to guide your way and the light will eventually lead you to a table, which you will need to investigate.

This teleports you on what appears to be part of the Zariman, where you encounter your Tenno counterpart briefly.

6) Guide The Reflection into The Light

The Tenno will be mirroring your movement and you will need to move in the direction that sends him heading towards the purple light.

You will need to do this multiple times, which causes a figurine to manifest in the center and this needs to be done four times.

Once complete, you will need to head to the center, which will complete this part and you will be brought back to Duviri. (You will be rewarded with 20 Intrinsics)

7) Let The Left Hand Guide You

Upon returning to Duviri, use the Left Hand again to figure out where you need to go and this will lead you to a cave path.

Go through the path until you reach the edge of a cliff and a large statue will lower its hand, which will allow you to jump down to it.

Make sure you are on your Kaithe when you do this to land safely and once you are on the statue’s hand, a portal will appear.

8) Enter The Portal

Once the portal has opened up, you will be dismounted from the Kaithe and will need to proceed heading inside the portal.

9) Explore Cave

The Drifter will be brought to a cave that has dormant Warframes that you will need to approach, which starts another cutscene.

10) Speak With The Old Man

As you are checking out the Warframes, an old man will appear and begin speaking, which now requires that you approach him to talk. (Interact with him)

Another cutscene will begin where you are speaking to the old man, who later introduces himself as Teshin and later you get to name the pet that he is holding. (Sol, Terra, or Lua)

11) Equip Sun & Moon

After speaking with Teshin, he offers you his blades, called Sun & Moon and you will need to approach and interact with them. (These become The Drifter’s melee weapons)

12) Spend Intrinsics

Now that you have a melee weapon, you will need to spend your Intrinsics, which can be done by approaching the Drifter Intrinsics station, marked by a waypoint.

The only available Intrinsic at this time will be the Riding one, which will need to be ranked up so that you can summon your Kaithe. (Riding Intrinsic)

13) Leave Cave

After spending your Intrinsics, you will need to leave the cave through a portal that just opened, which takes you back to Duviri.

14) Defeat The Dax

The next area will be a tutorial on the combat as The Drifter, which includes locking onto enemies, blocking, parrying, and more.

Complete all of the tutorials and defeat the Dax enemies and afterward, Dominus Thrax will send an Orowyrm after you.

15) Escape To The Mainland

You will need to summon your Kaithe and use it to fly to the waypoint and once this happens, you will be attacked by the Orowyrm.

After the attack, you wake up and Teshin will be in front of you, which reveals that your attempt to escape was a failure.

16) Choose A Warframe

Teshin will speak to you for a bit and afterward tell you that you can now begin, which starts with him telling you to choose amongst the dormant Warframes.

This opens up the menu where you can choose between Excalibur, Mag, or Volt which will make the Warframe you select to be what you use during the quest.

17) Enter The Portal

A portal will appear after you have selected a Warframe and you will need to enter it, which brings you to a short obstacle course.

18) Learn The Ways of The Tenno

You will need to complete the obstacle course as it will be a tutorial on how to use the Warframe, which was meant for new players.

At the end of the obstacle course, there will be a portal that you will need to go into, which brings you out of the simulation.

19) Prove Your Command of Warframe Abilities

After exiting via the portal, you will be in the Undercroft, which is where you will be using your Warframe and enemies will appear.

This will serve as your Warframe battle training, and you will need to defeat all of the enemies in the area before locating a paradox.

20) Select a Secondary Weapon

Once the enemies have been defeated, you will need to approach the weapons that appear and choose one that you want to use. (Can still be changed during the mission)

The choice of a secondary weapon will be between the Akvasto, Pyrana, and Lex, and whatever you choose will be equipped instantly.

21) Prove Your Secondary Weapon Proficiency

Using your secondary weapon, you will need to defeat the enemies that appear in the area and this serves as your secondary weapon tutorial.

22) Select A Primary Weapon

Now that you have a secondary weapon, it’s time for you to choose a primary weapon and the choices will be between the Boltor or Tigris.

23) Prove Your Primary Weapon Proficiency

Once again, enemies will begin to appear in the area and you will need to defeat all of them as part of your primary weapon tutorial.

24) Select a Melee Weapon

By the time the melee weapons appear, you will most likely know what needs to be done next, grab a melee weapon. (Kronen or Fragor)

25) Prove Your Melee Weapon Proficiency

Enemies will appear again and you will have to defeat them all using the melee weapon that you have recently chosen.

26) Return Through The Portal When Ready

Now that your training is complete, you will need to head back to a portal that takes you back to a path that leads to Teshin’s Cave.

27) Talk To Teshin

Once you are back in the cave, head over to Teshin and speak with him and he will tell you to gear up, look around and tell him when you are ready.

28) Look Around

There will be multiple objects marked by waypoints and you will need to head over to each one of them and interact to continue.

The closest ones will be the Figurine and a Narmer Veil, which leaves only your weapons left to be interacted with.

29) Gear Up

Interact with all of the weapons that you selected earlier and afterward a portal will open up, allowing you to start the Prince of Fire mission.

The Spiral Mission Rewards

As this serves mainly as an introduction to the game or The Duviri Paradox, you will have already obtained some Intrinsics and will have learned most of what The Drifter can do.

Completing this mission will allow you to continue to the next one, which is called The Prince of Fire.


As you were ready to be executed once more before reliving it again afterward, something changed and you were led on a new journey.

This brought you to Tenshin’s Cave and it looks like you now have a fighting chance against Dominus Thrax, who has taken control of Duviri.

With your weapons in hand, you will now need to enter the portal, which leads back to Duviri and Teshin states that Thrax is in a good mood.

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