How To Heal in Dead Island 2

When you are on the verge of getting eaten by zombies or torn to shred by apex ones, it is best to always know how to recover your health to avoid getting set back.

Dead Island 2 has different ways for you to sustain yourself when you are battling the undead and these can be the key to saving your life.

Whether it is healing yourself with a Med Kit or scavenging the area for snacks to consume, healing plays a big part in the game.

Dead Island 2 First Aid Kit

How To Heal in Dead Island 2?Healing using Med Kit in Dead Island 2

It is important that you recover your health when it is low or else you can get killed, which will force you to return to the last checkpoint you had in the game.

In a coop game, you can wait for players to revive you if you are down but when all members have been taken down, it’s over.

Healing yourself in the game is introduced briefly but later you will discover that there are more ways to keep yourself alive.

1) Using a Med Kit

You can use a Med Kit to heal a good portion of your health, and this can come in handy almost anytime since there are times when you unexpectedly take too much damage.

Med Kits can be used at any time and to make things better, you can craft or buy them to keep up 5 in your inventory.

Additionally, you can equip the Safe Space Survivor Skill Card to cause a forceful explosion around you when you heal yourself with a Med Kit.

2) Eating Protein Bar

From time to time, you will find Protein Bars lying around or dropped by enemies and these can be consumed to restore a good moderate amount of health.

Protein Bars cannot be stored in your inventory though and instead, interacting with one will cause your character to eat it on the spot.

Be careful when you grab a Protein Bar as enemies may be nearby and can attack you, so it is best to check your surroundings and move around as you grab them.

3) Drinking Energy Drink

Aside from Protein Bars, you will be able to find Energy Drinks in certain locations and enemies also tend to drop these from time to time.

Energy Drinks restore a small amount of health as well as your fury, which is later used to transform into your Numen form.

While Energy Drinks do not give the best amount of health, grabbing these along with Protein Bars quickly is a good way to recover.

4) Skills Cards

Certain Skills and Abilities go hand in hand when it comes to helping you kill the undead but certain ones help you survive as well.

Some Skills can be modified with skill cards to provide you with health recovery depending on certain actions that you do.

Utilizing skill cards that promote healing is a great way to stay alive in a fight and may even save your life when you least expect it to.

5) Health Regeneration

When you are all out and have no other options, the best thing to do is take a breather and get out of a fight you are sure to lose.

When you take a large amount of damage, there will be a brief period before you heal to a certain amount and afterward, your health regenerates slowly over time.

What Happens When You Die?

If you fail to heal yourself and end up getting killed by enemies, there are not a lot of losses but this can sometimes be annoying.

Dying will cause you to be returned to the last checkpoint, which can sometimes be the start of a fight or far away from where you died.

While you do not lose anything when you die, it can still be a bummer if your progress is delayed which is why it is important to have ways to heal yourself.


No matter how good you are at blocking or dodging, sometimes enemies can sneak up on you or an attack can get through when you are not careful.

It is best to keep as many Med kits as you can to heal yourself when necessary and in other cases, you can always grab snacks around you.

Combining multiple ways to heal yourself is a good strategy to keep moving forward when you are out on quests or exploring as they can keep you going regardless of the enemies you fight.

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