Dead Island 2 Flight of the Damned Quest Walkthrough

A group of survivors make their way onto a plane during an evacuation and when everything seems to be fine as they are in the air, it turns out the zombie outbreak was also aboard.

The plane eventually crashed, and you wake up injured and bleeding out, which begins your journey to first preserve yourself and later escape.

Flight of The Damned is the first quest in Dead Island 2 and serves as an introduction to how to play the game while also pointing you in the direction of a group of survivors.

Dead Island 2 Flight of The Damned Story Quest

How To Get Flight of the Damned Quest?

Flight of the Damned is the first quest in the game and will automatically begin once you have selected a character and the initial cutscene has passed.

Flight of the Damned ObjectivesOn the way to a Waypoint found a Med Kit in the plane for healing

1) You’re Bleeding Out

Upon waking up after your flight crashes, you will be in critical condition and will need to follow the waypoint that leads you to a Med Kit.

You will need to take it, which will result in your character immediately using it to recover, allowing you to start making your way out of the crashed plane.

2) Get The Hell Out

After healing yourself, you will need to continue making your way to the waypoint, which is by heading to a certain part of the plane where you can climb up.

3) Find The Other Survivors

Once you are out of the plane, continue making your way to the next waypoint through the bath that is ahead until you reach a crawlspace blocked by a crate.

Grabbed a Wreckage Machete

4) Grab a Weapon

There will be a Wreckage Machete nearby that you will need to grab, which will later allow you to destroy the crate so you can continue going through.

5) Smash Your Way Through

The weapon will automatically be equipped, and you will need to use it to destroy the crate that is blocking your path.

6) Push on to The Other Survivors

After opening up a space to crawl through, continue making your way to the waypoint, which leads you through another section of the plane.

A cart will be blocking your way and you will need to kick it aside before you continue making your way out where you find a turbine.

7) Skirt The Flames

The turbine will cause flames to start, and you will need to find another way to get through, which can be done by heading toward the right.

You can also run through the flames, but you will get damage from the fire, but this is not fatal, and you can always use a nearby Med Kit that you find.

8) Keep Going! The Survivors Must Be Close

You will once again need to head into another part of the crashed plane and find the door that leads to where survivors seem to be panicking.

A cutscene will begin where you briefly meet some of the survivors, who are Emma, Michael, and Ronnie, but they later leave you behind to help someone you find named Joshua.

Asking a person for help

9) Get Help

After the group leaves, you spot a person in the distance and will need to approach them to ask for their help but be ready, they are not what they seem to be.

10) Kill It!

As you approach the figure, he turns around and attacks you, revealing that he is one of the undead and you will have to kill him.

Before anything can happen, the zombie will grab you and you will have to escape by pressing the buttons that are prompted.

11) Grab a Weapon

Your weapon may be damaged or nearly damaged and you will now need to find another weapon, which can be done by heading to the waypoint.

Once you interact with the weapon (Wreckage Hammer), a cutscene begins where you attempt to take it but a zombie bites you.

12) Kill ‘Em All!

Once you break free from the zombie, more will arrive, and you will need to kill all of them before you can proceed with helping Joshua.

13) Knock The Burning Wheel Down

As you continue fighting the zombies in the area, more will continue to appear, and you will need to throw one of your weapons at the burning wheel nearby.

Hitting the burning wheel will cause it to fall and burn the rest of the zombies, preventing them from spawning in the area.

14) Kill Anything Still Moving

After the enemies have been stopped from spawning, you will need to clear out the other zombies until no more remain.

Flight of the Damned Rewards

Completing, Flight of the Damned does not provide any rewards but you will have already reached level 2 during the fight.

This will also immediately start the Desperately Seeking Emma quest, which starts with you attempting to help Joshua.


Surviving the plane crash was a miracle and only a few lucky ones made it out but you were left seriously injured upon waking up.

It’s a good thing your survival skills kicked in and you managed to make it out of there only to be met with more trouble.

Joshua is now in need of your help and you better tend to him and his partner before more zombies show up and overwhelm you.

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