Eddie’s Toolbox & Landscaper’s Keys Location in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 has a lot of loot just waiting to be found and one stash belongs to a former Gardener who supposedly worked for Emma.

You may have noticed that there is a truck within the area of Emma’s Mansion and in the back, you will find a container called Eddie’s Toolbox.

If you look closely, it is one of the Dekker Toolboxes that may sometimes be found while you are out exploring but this one has special loot, which requires that you find a key.

Eddie’s Toolbox

How To Get Landscaper’s Keys?Landscaper’s Keys

To Get the Landscaper’s Keys, you will have to kill a zombie known as Green Thumb Eddie and this guy is one tough one to beat.

Green Thumb Eddie is a powerful variant of Berserker who can later be encountered once you return to Bel-Air sometime after encountering your first one.

He will be lurking around the first house that you visit when you start the game just near Emma’s Mansion, so watch out for him.

Green Thumb Eddie LocationGreen Thumb Eddie Location In Bel-Air

If you happen to return to Bel-Air, this may mostly be due to a side quest, or you might just be passing by and you can later find Eddie around one of the mansions.

If you remember the first mansion that you visited, you are likely to find Eddie either in the corner of the outside part of the mansion or near the pool.

Fighting zombies nearby will likely make him come to you, so keep an eye out as he likes to tackle you and will try to stab you with his blade arms.

Eddie’s Toolbox LocationEddie’s Toolbox Location District LA Map

Eddie’s Toolbox is one of the earliest stashes that you can find but this only becomes available later on when Eddie will appear.

This means that you will have to progress first in the main story to the point where you encounter your first Berserker, which is most likely the clown.

Once you have defeated Green Thumb Eddie, you can find his toolbox in the back of a white pickup out in front of Emma’s Mansion.

Eddie’s Toolbox Drop

Once you have killed Eddie and have found your way to his toolbox, you can open it to get a Superior Vampiric Machine Pistol.


Eddie is a dangerous enemy, and it would be a good idea to prepare weapons that can easily kill Berserkers that have a lot of force to stun him.

Even if you do not find Eddie, he will eventually find you if there is any commotion nearby, so you should watch your back if you are near his location.

The Vampiric Machine Pistol that you find a neat weapon to have around and since it already has the Vampire perk, it gives you the chance to regain health when you kill enemies with it.

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