Dead Island 2 Desperately Seeking Emma Quest Walkthrough

After getting bitten and escaping from numerous zombies, you wake up after being exhausted and find yourself in Bel-Air.

Previously, a member from the group you met gave you an address and now you will need to meet up with them to seek help.

You will need to find your way to the group, which has most likely made its way to Emma’s mansion in Bel-Air.

Ryan finds that he's in Bel-Air after escaping from the Zombies

How To Get Desperately Seeking Emma Quest?

Desperately Seeking Emma follows shortly after you have woken up in Bel-Air, which requires you to set out to seek the group after blacking out.

Desperately Seeking Emma ObjectivesWhile moving forward in Bel-Air Ryan finds a dead postman with a package next to him

1) Where in Bel-Air Are You?

After waking up, move forward and you will find a dead postman with a package next to him, which you will need to pick up.

The package will reveal a map, which will allow you to check where you are and afterwards, you will be able to see where Emma’s Mansion is located.

2) Open the Mansion Gate

You won’t have anywhere to go but through the mansion gate but this will be locked and to the left of it there will be a Breaker Panel.

The Breaker Panel controls the gate and you will need to find a Circuit Breaker that can be placed inside to gain access past the gate.

If you continue heading towards the left (marked by a waypoint) you can open up a garage and inside you will be able to pick up a Circuit Breaker.

Head back to the Breaker Panel and insert the Circuit Breaker to open up the gate, which will now allow you to proceed. 

3) Try the Front Door

Zombies will be beyond the gate and you will need to fight your way through them to reach the front door, which will have a Security Keypad that you need to interact with.

4) Check the Other Doors

The Security Keypad will be inaccessible and you will need to find another way into the mansion, which you can do by going to the right and opening the door.

5) Find a Way Through the Mansion

Now that you have gotten inside, you will need to make your way through the mansion by heading to the left, which is where you will find a panic room.

6) Break into the Panic Room

Next to the panic room will be a maglock, which you will need to destroy by hitting it and this will open the panic room which you will now be able to enter.

Ryan finds a zombie named Colt Swanson inside the panic room and should kill him

7) Kill the Celebrity Zombie

Once the panic room opens, you will find a zombie named Colt Swanson inside and will need to kill him, but this zombie will be a bit tougher than the other ones you encountered.

8) Grab the Mansion Keycard

After killing Colt Swanson, the Swanson Mansion Keycard will be dropped, and you will need to pick it up before heading back to the front door.

9) Enter the Mansion via the Front Door

Make your way to the front door that was locked earlier and use the Swanson Mansion Keycard to open it so you can go through it.

10) Find a Way Through the Mansion

Continue going through the mansion and make your way towards the waypoint, which will lead you to the exit on the other side.

There will be another Security Keypad near a small gate that you will need to interact with, which is locked.

11) Find the Back Gate Code

You will need to head back into the lower part of the mansion following the waypoint and search the area for clues about the gate code.

The code will be on the refrigerator in the kitchen and once you interact with it, you can go back to the back gate to unlock it.

Ryan follows the waypoint to Emma Jaunt’s mansion

12) Find Safety at Emma Jaunt’s

After getting the code, head to the back gate and use the Security Keypad to open the gate and continue by following the waypoint to Emma Jaunt’s mansion.

The waypoint will lead you to the gate to Emma Jaunt’s mansion and you will need to interact with the intercom, which will later allow you to enter.

13) Get Inside Before You Collapse

Once the gate has been opened, make your way to the waypoint marking the entrance to Emma Jaunt’s home and interact with the door to begin a cutscene.

The cutscene will show your character entering the house and later collapsing after having a misunderstanding with some members of the group.

Desperately Seeking Emma Rewards

After, completing the Desperately Seeking Emma quest, you will most likely reach level 3, which unlocks a new skill deck.

This later gives you the following skill cards:

  • Personal Space
  • Safety First

Completing, Desperately Seeking Emma will reward you with 2,500 XP.


Upon entering the mansion, you show symptoms that are happening due to the bite from a zombie you encountered in the previous quest.

The group is uncertain what they are to do with you and a gun is pointed at you before you collapse, and the gun goes off.

You later wake up to Emma watching over you and it turns out they do not plan on killing you but all the commotion seems to have attracted some unwanted attention.

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